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MedTech Lifecycle Excellence

Cardiac Arrest: 5 Heart-Stopping Years as a CEO on the Feds Hit-List

May 9, 2024
In this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, host Etienne Nichols engages with Howard Root, former CEO of Vascular Solutions and author of "Cardiac Arrest: Five... Read More
MedTech Lifecycle Excellence

Entering the Australia & New Zealand Markets: What Medical Device Manufacturers Need to Know

May 8, 2024
Australia and New Zealand are often target countries for MedTech companies looking to expand into a new market. Read More
MedTech Lifecycle Excellence

Medical Device Reporting: The Do's and Don'ts

May 2, 2024
In this episode, Lisa Van Ryn, a seasoned expert from Greenlight Guru, shares her extensive knowledge on the FDA’s Medical Device Reporting (MDR). Read More
Product Development

How are Medical Devices Classified under EU MDR?

May 1, 2024
One of the most important steps in bringing a medical device to market in the European Union (EU) is determining the correct classification for your device. Read More
MedTech Lifecycle Excellence

FDA Issues LDT Final Rule to Regulate Laboratory Developed Tests as IVD Devices

April 30, 2024
FDA has officially announced their Final Rule regarding the phaseout of enforcement discretion for laboratory developed tests (LDTs). Read More
MedTech Lifecycle Excellence

Building a Partnership with your Regulatory Consultant

April 30, 2024
In this episode, host Etienne Nichols speaks with Christine Luk, Associate Regulatory Affairs Manager at Proxima, about her journey through the medical device sector. Read More
MedTech Lifecycle Excellence

Bringing a Self-Funded Medical Device to Market

April 25, 2024
In this insightful episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, host Etienne Nichols delves into the journey of Dr. Lee Hunter, an orthopedic surgeon and innovator in elbow... Read More
MedTech Lifecycle Excellence

Managing Risk in Clinical Investigations

April 23, 2024
In this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, host Etienne Nichols engages with Helene Quie, an expert in medical device regulations and clinical investigations. Read More
Establishing a QMS

Definitive Guide to Change Management for Medical Devices

April 22, 2024
In an industry that is ever-evolving, change is inevitable. Read More

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