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We Persevere.

Regardless of how tough things get or how distant the goal is, we keep moving forward. One eye on the horizon, one eye on the step in front of us.






To improve the quality of life


"A great team excels because members truly believe what they're doing is changing the world. I urge you to create an office culture that's as challenging and rewarding as the most elite sports teams in the world. But, still have fun."

- David DeRam, CEO at Greenlight Guru

How we build a powerful business culture ➞




Not only is our product innovative, but everything from the way we view support, to our accountability system, to our culture is as well.




We believe in providing fanatical support to all of our customers. Your success is our success. We are very passionate about what we do and take improving the quality of life through our customers very seriously.




It is the responsibility of the entire company, not just the quality department, to view and use quality as a competitive advantage.



Alligator blood is one of the oldest terms in poker, and refers to any player who seems both resistant to the endless psychological blows of the game, but also one competitive enough to keep pounding away on others when ahead. We've adopted #alligatorblood as a core value and use it as a constant reminder to never give up.

Why we only hire people with Alligator Blood ➞

tech company

We're a tech company to the core

Our team is diligent and agile, and we're keenly focused on building a great user experience.

something better

We strive for something better

That's why we built and created our own open-sourced pieces.


We stay focused

Red tape, office politics and buzzword-driven development are not allowed.


We encourage you to take time off to recharge and relax. We have flexible schedules, flexible PTO, volunteer time off, all major holidays off.


Office Fun

Foosball, cornhole and the occasional scooter race! Plus, the building is equipt with a fitness center and basketball court that are free for you to use.



Dental, Vision, 401 (k), Life insurance and Flexible Spending Account (FSA).


Tech Savvy

You are set up with a brand new Macbook Pro and monitors. You can pick the IDE of your choice! 


Professional & Personal Development

We invest in your growth through professional development training plans, professional headshots, team development, and mindset coaching.



We do team lunches. Our office is also loaded with healthy snacks and gourmet coffee!


Who we are


"One of the things that sets us apart is we really live that mission of improving the quality of life every day. I think that comes from our origins in the way that we built this company: with a real purpose to help real people. It’s part of our DNA."

David DeRam, CEO, Greenlight Guru

We are looking for you.

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