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Unlock the Power of a Connected QMS

Greenlight Guru lets you share your most critical QMS data with the rest of the applications that power your MedTech Product Lifecycle.

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Greenlight Guru, Connected

MedTech professionals have now grown tired of duplicating work and manually updating information across multiple disjointed systems. Gone are the days of manual re-entry, room for human error, and inconsistent device data across systems. With Greenlight Guru, you can easily access, share, and download your data in real-time when you need it, saving you time and resources.



Put Your QMS Data To Work

Connect your critical QMS data anywhere. Yes, anywhere. Whether it’s an analytics tool, ERP, CRM, PLM, or another application - get programmatic access to your company’s data within Greenlight Guru and easily share it with outside tools and systems. 


Efficiently Scale Your Business

Reduce manual work, increase speed efficiency, and continue to drive innovation rather than focusing on mundane tasks. When you’re ready, easily generate API keys and requests with an easy-to-use developer interface.


Integrate with Jira

Ensure your Jira artifacts are captured in your QMS. You have the freedom to leverage the agile functionality of Jira for tracking implementation work and issues related to software components, while simultaneously ensuring traceability to your Design Control records within Greenlight Guru. 

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See what really happens when you invest in the right tools

75 %

time saved to set up a QMS

$ 125 k

saved on average per project

35 %

faster time to market

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