Document Management Software

Get your controlled documents, records and procedures into an eQMS with e-signatures, routing, revision control and more.

Speed up reviews and approvals by keeping your documents organized, up-to-date and always accessible.

Manage Your Controlled Documents

Know the status and maintain complete visibility of all your critical documents and records
required to address FDA and ISO.

Ensure that all signatures are included on the document when they are published. Have the ability to link training records for your personnel.

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Complete Revision Control

Stop juggling multiple versions of the same document.

Complete version history, e-signatures and watermarks automatically highlight a document’s status so that you can be confident that everyone is working on the most recent version.


Automate Secure Document Routing

Get to market faster by automating the time-consuming task of document routing.

With Greenlight Guru, you can get documents reviewed, signed and approved by the right people without leaving your platform. This is both faster and more secure than pushing paper between desks and offices.

Binding Part 11 Compliant Electronic Signatures

Binding e-signatures throughout Greenlight Guru reduce risk, simiplify compliance, speed up audits and help you bring safer products to market in less time.

You can do without the stress and delays caused by overnighting important documents, chasing down stakeholders for signatures and searching for misplaced hard copies during audits and inspections.


Everything you need for your risk management and compliance requirements

Complete Audit Trails
Single Repository
Workflow Status
Change Control
Electronic Signatures
Revision Control
Instant Notifications
Controlled Viewing, Printing & Exporting
Automated Routing, Reviews, Escalations
& Approvals
Multi-Dimensional Linking
Automatically Link Documents
Advanced Search
Bulk Uploads
Retire & Archive Documents
Categorize, Classify, & Tag

Customer References

"...everything organized..."

“We're all excited to have everything organized and to always know what the correct, most up-to-date version is.”

-Kate Montgomery Lead R&D Scientist Zebra Medical Technologies​​​​​​​

"...significantly easier..."

“Greenlight Guru has made it significantly easier to get documentation reviewed and approved.”

-Rian Wendling Director of Regulatory Affairs SimplicityMD

" more running after approvals..."

“I don't have to run after people to get documents approved. Everyone knows where to look for stuff so I don't have to dig through that filing cabinet anymore.”

-Michelle Zwernemann Director of Product Development Infinite Biomedical Technologies​​​​​​​

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