The Five Themes of True Quality 2022

February 25, 2022

The Five Themes of True Quality 2022

In the medical device world, inspiration and excitement are rarely hard to come by - you just have to know where to look. 

For me, that’s always in the medtech community and commitment to true quality. Whether I’m on calls with design firm clients, running into old industry chums at an event, or seeking some advice from seasoned pros I trust, these connections and conversations have always been something I hold sacred. So when we at Greenlight Guru first started brainstorming a groundbreaking in-person event, I knew where to go for inspiration.

From the start, I knew that True Quality 2022 was a chance to unite all of these committed leaders and professionals in a setting where learning and inspiring happen side-by-side. In order to put shape around the event, I started thinking about how all these different details, roles, and objectives fit in with the overall concept of True Quality. 

We’ve created 5 Themes for True Quality 2022, each with its own focus and reason for inspiration.

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The Script: Demystifying the Regulations

No matter how talented an actor might be, they’re not able to perform without knowing their lines. In the same sense, medical device professionals need an understanding of the regulations that underline a global medtech landscape.

In The Script, you’ll be given a master class in this craft, from big-picture topics all the way to the fine print of regulatory requirements, all with the intent of fully appreciating how they impact your business and product. You’ll have a chance to learn from global regulators and industry experts who’ve implemented FDA Regulations, ISO standards, and EU MDR/IVDR, and learn perspectives and key insights on what may be coming in the future and how it could impact your role.


The Show: Compliance vs. Quality

For years, companies have made the mistake of viewing quality as a sideshow act; a checkbox activity that only made the bill because it was required. But what if quality was something we could leverage? We all know that managing quality and regulatory activities is essential to medical device manufacturing. If we’re talking about creating a culture of quality, it may be time to make True Quality the center ring event.    

The Show is a theme that will leave you with a deeper understanding of how the True Quality mindset influences best-in-class product development and process improvement. Grab the best seat in the industry to learn how organizations can make quality a pathway to building value and fueling company growth. 

Along the way, presenters will dazzle you in all things related to quality management, including how to identify potential risks through root cause analysis, prioritize CAPA incidents, ensure compliance with regulatory commitments, maintain product traceability, and set key checkpoints for new products and processes.


The Strategy: Scaling & New Markets

The Strategy is one for the medical device leaders in the audience. I know how the weight of the world so often falls on your shoulders. You’re responsible for spearheading the development, communication, and execution of commercialization strategies, while also establishing a quality culture that promotes product and process excellence. 

How do you build a quality system that allows you to grow faster and navigate different international markets? What should you consider when looking at your go-to-market strategy? 

Engage with medical device entrepreneurs, executives, and leadership teams to deep dive into building and leading your company, and learn how to leverage quality as a strategic advantage to protect your brand and impact the top and bottom lines.


The Shift: Trends & Technology

Quality and innovation may seem like opposite forces, but true innovators know that you can’t have one without the other. The Shift is a theme built for those who dream of the next great thing. Join our panels of experts as we dive into all facets of medtech trends, such as software as a medical device (SaMD), digital health, and artificial intelligence. 

I also am excited about the collaborative setting of the Shift. These should be conversations rather than lectures, and our interactive panels will give you an opportunity to ask questions and engage with experts leading the charge on some of the hottest topics. In what stage of device development does AI play an important role, and how do regulators expect you to evaluate the risk? What has the pandemic revealed about the industry, and how can we rebuild and reset as we look to move forward? All of these discussions are waiting for you to join.


The Story: Medtech True Quality

One of my favorite parts of any great medtech conference is trading war stories with other industry pros who’ve been there. Not only is it usually hilarious and memorable, there’s always a new lesson or perspective to be learned. 

That's exactly what inspired our fourth theme, The Story. Let’s gather around the proverbial fire with different medical device pioneers as they share actionable advice, real-world experiences, and hidden pitfalls uncovered on their way to commercialization. 

These stories are designed to help guide you towards future imagination, implementation, and innovation of True Quality medical devices, and I’m sure you'll walk away from these sessions with the ideas, inspiration, and encouragement necessary to continue making your vision a reality.

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Get Tickets to True Quality 2022 Today!

If you’re as passionate about true quality and medical devices as we are, it’s high time you grab your tickets to meet us June 6-8th in San Diego for True Quality 2022.

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