Greenlight Guru Celebrates 10 Years by Introducing its Multi-Product MedTech Suite

September 19, 2023

The software company is expanding its product offering to meet the evolving needs of the medical device industry.

Greenlight Guru Celebrates 10 Years by Introducing its Multi-Product MedTech Suite

Greenlight Guru, the leading provider of cloud-based software for MedTech companies, announces today the new MedTech Suite, comprising three purpose-built solutions for medical device companies that are designed to help modernize quality management, accelerate design and development, improve clinical trial operations, and keep up with industry education.

The Greenlight Guru MedTech Suite includes three key offerings:

  • Greenlight Guru Quality: The #1 QMS software, built to help MedTech companies improve speed and quality throughout the product lifecycle while lowering risk and costs.

  • Greenlight Guru Clinical (formerly SMART-TRIAL): The leading clinical data collection toolbox for MedTech, engineered to enable all clinical data operations within a single, compliant platform.

  • Greenlight Guru Academy: The premier destination for MedTech professionals looking for high-quality industry education and certifications.

“Greenlight Guru has been a great partner for our company,” says Chelsea Isaac, Senior Business Development Strategist from Proxima CRO. “The solutions in the MedTech Suite have helped our clients get away from the old manual paper-based systems that have slowed them down in the past, and the platform's intuitive design ensures that even novice users can hit the ground running from day one."

Findings from the 2023 MedTech Industry Benchmark Report reveal that medical device companies face significant challenges when it comes to their critical quality process. One in three MedTech professionals say they are not well equipped to meet quality and product development objectives, and only 15% have a high level of visibility into quality problems. Additionally, 44% of MedTech companies use inadequate general-purpose tools to conduct critical clinical testing data collection.

Greenlight Guru’s MedTech Suite was built specifically to address these issues. An independent study found that Greenlight Guru Quality reduces the time needed to implement a QMS by 70% and reduces time spent on design and development documentation by 50%. Furthermore, Greenlight Guru Clinical allows MedTech professionals to quickly build custom clinical studies, reducing the time to set up a study by as much as two to three weeks. These gains in speed and efficiency can have a significant impact on a MedTech company’s ability to successfully get a product to market faster and keep it there over time. 

“Over the past 10 years, we are proud to have helped over 1,100 MedTech companies bring innovative products to market that improved the quality of life for millions of people around the world,” says David DeRam, CEO of Greenlight Guru. “We are excited to continuously evolve our offering with the new MedTech Suite, delivering the most innovative solutions to help move MedTech forward.”

Greenlight Guru will be holding a webinar today at 9 a.m. ET to showcase the MedTech Suite and share the future roadmap for the solutions. You can watch the virtual event live or on-demand by registering at this link:

Greenlight Guru is the leading cloud-based platform purpose-built for MedTech companies. The end-to-end solution streamlines product development, quality management, and clinical data management by integrating cross-functional teams, processes, and data throughout the entire product lifecycle. Greenlight Guru’s...

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