Greenlight Guru Academy Advance: The Future of MedTech Learning is Continuous

May 22, 2022

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When you think of learning, do you imagine a specific moment in time? Does the old cliché of a “lightbulb moment” really describe how we learn? Many experts today don’t believe so. 

Ulrich Boser of The Learning Agency writes, “Learning as a process means that through method, effort, focus, and practice, we can get a lot better at gaining expertise.”  

We know a lot about processes and doing things systematically in the medical device industry, but the way we learn and educate as MedTech professionals is often not very process-driven at all. Typically, MedTech learning consists of checking regulatory boxes and making sure staff has memorized a few key points.

In fact, what we used to think of as “learning” or “knowledge” is becoming less and less valuable. Through technology, we can reference nearly any fact or detail at any given moment, and many day to day tasks are simply automated or done for us at the push of a button.

So what does this mean for those of us in the MedTech industry?

To put it succinctly, we need to know less, but we need to learn more.


MedTech Learning as a Process

We don’t have to have statistics, records, or other factual information memorized. We have systems and technology (like Greenlight Guru Academy!) to help with that. Our new challenges are the speed of change and the wide array of topics we are expected to make informed decisions around.

In the 2022 Industry Benchmark Survey, we asked over 500 medical device professionals about medical device industry topics, and training came up a lot. In fact, 75% of market leaders (i.e. the companies who are winning) said they were investing in in-house training programs to stay up to date on industry information.

What that tells us is that in order for companies to succeed in the medical device industry long-term, training and learning must be prioritized.


What is Greenlight Guru Academy Advance?

To serve this need for continuous learning in our industry, Greenlight Guru Academy has launched the Advance membership!

Greenlight Guru Academy Advance allows medical device professionals to have a continuous learning journey that closely resembles how our industry is constantly changing and evolving. 

Through an Advance membership, learners will have the opportunity to make their medical device education a process, rather than a few moments in time that lack context and real-world applicability. 

Advance Your Career

If you put effort and time into your learning, you should get something out of it. Greenlight Guru Academy Advance aims to provide the education and the credentials necessary to grow a career in the medical device industry.

From expert curated learning paths full of industry wisdom to course badges and certifications, learners are put in a position to grow, not just their knowledge, but their résumé as well. GG Academy Advance will also bring together this exclusive group of learners for special events and community discussions on a regular basis.


Advance Your Team

If you are a leader of a medical device team, you know the struggle of training and developing professionals in this industry. GG Academy Advance will provide world class training without you having to invest in creating your own internal resources.

Team leads will even have access to analytics for the courses and content your learners are working on. Training certificates and completion data will also be available to satisfy medical device regulatory needs.

In short, let us grow the training library while you grow your team.


Advance Your Device

We mentioned before that one of the biggest challenges of our industry today is the wide array of topics our teams need to make informed decisions around. We are always updating content to reflect changes in our industry and can help you scale, whether you are launching your first device or trying to better manage an entire portfolio of them.

Need to onboard a team of software engineers and not sure how the regulations for software devices are different? Greenlight Guru Academy Advance has content that can help! Want to know what the experts in risk, biocompatibility, or combination products have to say? We’ll be sharing content on all of these topics, and more! 

In short, our knowledge and network becomes your knowledge and network with an Advance membership, so get ready to take your devices to the next level.

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