Moving MedTech Forward: Greenlight Guru’s 2023 in Review

December 12, 2023

Moving MedTech Forward Greenlight Guru’s 2023 in Review

2023 was a year of growth, learning, and excitement here at Greenlight Guru. Whether it was releasing new product features, launching the MedTech Suite, winning industry accolades, or hitting the road with the True Quality Roadshow 2023, there was never a dull moment.

With so much going on over the course of 365 days, it’s easy to forget about all the great things that happened this year. So, even if you were with us every step of the way, take a peek at our year in review—you might be surprised at everything we’ve accomplished together!

Launching the MedTech Suite and Innovating Our Products

This past September, we brought all our purpose-built solutions under one umbrella: the Greenlight Guru MedTech Suite. The Suite consists of: 

  • Greenlight Guru Quality - Our award-winning QMS software built to help MedTech companies improve speed and quality throughout the product lifecycle while lowering risk and costs.

  • Greenlight Guru Clinical - Formerly SMART-TRIAL, Greenlight Guru Clinical is the leading clinical data collection toolbox for MedTech, engineered to enable all clinical data operations within a single, compliant platform.

  • Greenlight Guru Academy - High-quality training and education designed to help MedTech professionals get the most out of our solutions.  

But we did more than just repackage our offerings—a whole lot more. All year, we’ve been listening to our customers, innovating our products, and releasing new features and functionality.

Here’s just a sample:

  • In May, we released Risk Solutions, a first-of-its-kind complete risk management software for MedTech. Seamlessly integrated into Greenlight Guru Quality, our AI-powered Risk Solutions makes it even easier for MedTech companies to discover, mitigate, and manage risk within their QMS.

  • Greenlight Guru Clinical launched its Reporting Module back in July. Our Reporting Module provides a full overview of clinical data in one place, providing real-time insights that benefit data managers, study sponsors, and clinical research organizations (CROs) alike. 

  • Greenlight Guru Quality also took big steps forward, going from a closed system to a connected system with the continued release of our APIs, enabling customers to share QMS data across different software platforms, including ERP, CRM, ALM, BI solutions and more.

  • We’re always keeping a pulse on industry regulations, guidance, and trends, which is why Greenlight Guru transitioned to an automated, risk-based approach to validating our QMS software—one that’s in line with the Computer Software Assurance (CSA) process outlined in FDA guidance as well as ISO 13485:2016. 

Even better, we’re seeing more and more customers realize the value of using multiple products from the MedTech Suite. In 2023, a large number of QMS customers chose to add Greenlight Guru Clinical to their tech stack for upcoming clinical investigations and post-market data collection needs. 

Integrating AI and Advancing Industry Knowledge

With the launch of Risk Intelligence (part of Risk Solutions), we took a major step forward with our use of AI. Greenlight Guru users can now identify and assess the most relevant risks for their devices using AI and advanced statistical models powered by real-world data to provide insights and recommendations for their device(s).

But we’re not stopping there. We’ve been looking closely for opportunities to put our AI expertise to use in thoughtful, impactful products and features, and we’re currently cooking up the world’s first MedTech-specific AI-powered chat experience: Digital Guru. When you need to quickly and reliably navigate the sea of MedTech regulations, requirements, and standards, Digital Guru will be there, with an AI model specifically trained by medical device experts that will immediately provide you with accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy answers. 

While we’re building innovative products that leverage AI, we’re also keeping our ear to the ground when it comes to AI in MedTech. We wanted to know how industry professionals are using AI tools, what they really think about them, and where they see the most potential for AI in MedTech. 

So, we surveyed 200+ MedTech professionals to get their real, honest opinions on AI. If you want to learn what your peers (and competitors) are thinking about when it comes to AI, you can download the AI in MedTech Trend Report 2023 for free. 

Global Growth and Industry Leadership

Greenlight Guru continues to grow, surpassing 1,100 customers in 2023. 

And people are taking notice. In G2’s Fall 2023 Grid Report, Greenlight Guru Quality was named a Leader in the following geographic categories:

  • EMEA

  • Europe

  • Americas

Those weren’t the only G2 awards we received however. Greenlight Guru maintained its place as a Leader in both Medical QMS (nine consecutive quarters) and QMS categories (20 consecutive quarters). 

Greenlight Guru Clinical also achieved Leader status in November 2023 with an aggregate rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

We also took this show on the road, hitting six different cities—including Amsterdam—with our 2023 True Quality Roadshow Series. We heard from some amazing speakers and had a great time with the hundreds of MedTech professionals who showed up to learn, network, and help move our industry forward. 

On top of all that, back in May we introduced our newly-expanded Greenlight Guru Partner Program, a global community of partners empowering MedTech companies and helping them solve the unique challenges of our industry. The Partner Program now includes MedTech consultancy and advisory firms, industry organizations, software vendors, solution integrators, and CROs.

Listening to and Serving Our Customers

We work our tails off to make sure our customers have an exceptional experience with Greenlight Guru, from onboarding and implementation to continuous support whenever they need it. That’s probably why our G2 reviews are full of sentiments like this:

  • Greenlight is great because the platform itself has so many useful tools embedded in one place. You can have your design control matrix, risk matrix, customer feedback, nonconformances, CAPAs and documents in one easy to view platform. Not only is the user interface clean and clear, but the staff are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help! — Kristin W

Perhaps those happy customers are just expressing what an independent study by research firm Hobson & Company has shown quantitatively—that the ROI on our QMS solution is outstanding, including a 75% reduction in the time needed to set up a quality management system, a 50% reduction in the time spent preparing for audits, and a 50% reduction in the time spent on design and development documentation.

If you’re wondering what that ROI might look like for your business, check out our free ROI calculator for yourself. 

But our eQMS is just part of what we do. Greenlight Guru Clinical has also had a banner year, with customers raving about its ease of use, intuitive workflows, and data management capabilities: 

  • It is more straightforward with dedicated modules for MedTech studies. A lot of the EDC systems have pharma applications in mind, which just bogs down a platform for med device studies that just don't need those modules. With Greenlight Guru Clinical, it is easy to set up and allows us to utilize those medical device features, making study configuration and data entry easy. When the study configuration and data entry are easy, we have fewer mistakes and queries than when we used other systems! — Alison Moran

Greenlight Guru: Committed to Quality 

Here at Greenlight Guru, we take our role as an industry-leading voice seriously. Whether it’s running the #1 podcast in the industry, hosting expert industry thought leaders on our webinars, or keeping you up-to-date with our blog, we’re always working to make sure we provide the most relevant, thoughtful, and useful content possible. 

As always, if you’d like to learn more about how our MedTech Suite can help your MedTech company thrive, then get your free demo of Greenlight Guru →

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you in 2024!

Greenlight Guru is the leading cloud-based platform purpose-built for MedTech companies. The end-to-end solution streamlines product development, quality management, and clinical data management by integrating cross-functional teams, processes, and data throughout the entire product lifecycle. Greenlight Guru’s...

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