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January 25, 2022

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Innovative medical device companies often find themselves in a no-man’s land when it comes to finding the right advice, connections, and community to help bring their products to market. 

Industry events for medical device professionals are usually geared towards people working at some of the largest companies in the world—and they simply don’t provide the guidance and networking opportunities that leaders at smaller companies need to help them thrive. 

Cue True Quality 2022, a two and a half day event designed specifically for medical device professionals. Greenlight Guru will be hosting the conference June 6-8 in San Diego, CA. The conference will consist of educational sessions, curated networking, and inspiring speakers—all tailored to medical device professionals like yourself.

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Who should attend True Quality?

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the medical device industry can be isolating for professionals at emerging companies. It feels like you’re trying to figure everything out on your own, and you’re often educating other team members at the same time. 

That’s why one of our goals with True Quality 2022 is bringing together a wide range of industry professionals to help them build networks with a sense of community.  

I’d recommend True Quality 2022 to any emerging medical device company that is either currently pursuing commercialization in the US or EU or intends to do so in the future. There really is something for everyone, including:

  • Medical device executives and leadership teams

  • Quality professionals and management

  • Regulatory affairs and management

  • Clinical affairs professionals and management 

  • R&D engineers and management

Our goal is to connect those medical device professionals at emerging companies who are driving medtech innovation. If you’re interested in meeting like-minded professionals who are pursuing similar goals and understand what you’re going through, then True Quality 2022 is for you.


What will I learn during the conference?

The speakers, events, and interactive experiences in True Quality 2022 are organized around five themes to help you decide where you’ll want to spend your time. 

  • The Script: Breaking Down the Regulations - Medical device regulations are tightening around the globe. The Script is focused on helping you understand the global regulatory landscape and how it will affect your product and organization. Learn from global regulators, members of standards working groups, and industry experts who have successfully implemented FDA regulations, ISO standards, and EU MDR/IVDR. 

  • The Show: A Day in the Life of Quality - This theme is all about effectively managing quality activities. Those activities are the cornerstone of medical device manufacturing, but they’re by no means a simple undertaking. During The Show, you’ll get in-depth insights into achieving closed-loop traceability, building a winning training plan, preparing for your next audit, and so much more.

  • The Shift: Trends & Technology - Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), digital health, artificial intelligence, COVID-19—these are just a few of the drivers of change in the medical device industry. In The Shift, you’ll have a chance to speak with experts on some of the hottest topics in medtech, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and have conversations that you won’t have anywhere else.

  • The Story: Medtech True Quality - The path to commercialization is full of twists and turns. In The Story, medical device pioneers will share actionable advice, real-world experiences, and hidden pitfalls they uncovered on the way to commercialization. These stories are invaluable for emerging medical device companies, and this theme is designed to help guide you towards the imagination, implementation, and innovation of True Quality medical devices.

  • The Strategy: Scaling & New Markets - You’re responsible for spearheading the development, communication, and execution of commercialization strategies, while also establishing a quality culture that promotes product and process excellence. The Strategy allows you to join medical device entrepreneurs, executives, and leadership teams to deep dive into building and leading a company. Learn how to leverage quality as a strategic advantage to protect your brand and impact the top and bottom lines. 

My advice? Don’t limit yourself to one theme. The conference is set up so that there are times when each theme isn’t “on” and you have a chance to explore some of the others


Why the focus on True Quality?

True Quality is not just the name of our conference; it’s the single most important ideal that any medical device company can strive to achieve. 

Too often, quality is thought of as just another department, one that makes sure everyone is checking off the right boxes and staying on the right side of regulatory bodies. That’s what I’d call a compliance mindset—the focus is on doing exactly as much as it takes to be compliant with regulations.  

To be frank, that’s a really unfortunate way of looking at quality. Focusing on compliance is the equivalent of saying, “C’s get degrees.” You’re meeting the requirements, but you’re missing the bigger picture. 

At Greenlight Guru, we want medical device companies to be “A students”, so we encourage them to focus on what we call True Quality. This is the notion that quality is a company-wide responsibility that lies at the heart of everything you do. Quality and regulatory, engineering, sales, marketing—everyone understands that quality is a shared effort. 

We feel so strongly about the benefits of True Quality—not just for patients, but for evolving the reach of medical device businesses, too—that we designed this entire conference around the concept.


How can my company become a sponsor?

If you’re marketing or selling services to medical device manufacturers, or just want to align your brand with the True Quality movement, the sponsorship experience is for you.

You’ll be able to connect to Greenlight Guru’s network of more than 160,000 medical device industry professionals. Sponsoring this event gives you valuable brand awareness and brand alignment to the global audience in our comprehensive database, through logo placement at our event and recognition in our newsletter, blog posts, press releases, and more. 

All of this equates to real reach. Greenlight Guru has the #1 blog in the industry, with over 160,000 subscribers. We also have the #1 podcast in the industry, with more than 250,000 listeners and the #1 webinar with more than 1,500 participants per event.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of True Quality 2022, there are a number of sponsorship opportunities designed to fit your specific needs. We’re also open to hearing your ideas and collaborating to make sure your sponsorship package showcases your brand in the best light.

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Get your tickets to True Quality 2022 today and join Greenlight Guru on June 6-8 in sunny San Diego!

It may seem like a long way off, but June will be here before you know it. Get your tickets now and secure your spot to join us along with other medical device professionals, industry experts, and investors in San Diego for True Quality 2022!

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True Quality 2022
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