How to Make the Most of True Quality 2022

April 18, 2022

How to Make the Most of True Quality 2022

True Quality 2022 is a one-of-a-kind MedTech conference focused around the theme of quality and designed specifically with emerging medical device companies in mind.

With dozens of speakers and panels, and many more innovators in attendance, the last thing you’d want to do is miss out. 

The second-to-last thing you’d want is to miss out on making the most of your visit to True Quality 2022, June 6-8 in San Diego, CA. Here are four great tips for making the most of your time at the conference:

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Plan ahead to maximize your time at True Quality 2022

True Quality 2022 is divided into five themes, each of which has its own unique speakers, presentations, expert panels, interactive sessions, and Q&A opportunities. 

That’s all on top of the curated networking sessions, lunches, and social events you’d expect for a buzzed-about MedTech conference. And with all of this unfolding over a scant three-day period, you cannot afford to walk through the doors without a solid game plan.

In preparing for an event with the scale of True Quality 2022, start by setting some goals for what you want to take away. Since the educational side is so jam-packed with learning opportunities, it may be worth doing some introspection and asking yourself questions such as:

  • Where have we had quality issues in the past?

  • Is our quality management system enabling processes or hindering them?

  • Do we have a firm understanding of the regulatory processes that apply to our device?

  • What are our current and future financial needs? Do we have reimbursement strategies?

  • How are we achieving quality and where is it lacking?

With the answers to these questions in mind, it will be easier to look at the schedule of speakers and make decisions on how to best coordinate your schedule.


Don’t limit your experience to one theme

The five themes of True Quality 2022—The Script, The Show, The Shift, The Story, and The Strategy—reflect the numerous approaches and impacts quality has on the medical device industry. 

Each one will feature invaluable information and key insights that you need in order to keep up with high quality demands of the current market. That’s why we suggest you don’t limit your time or attention to a single theme.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these five True Quality 2022 themes means for attendees:

The Script: Breaking Down the Regulations - The Script is all about the evolving global regulatory landscape and how it will impact your product. Learn from global regulators, working group members of industry standards, and subject matter experts who have helped countless medical device companies understand and comply with global regulations.

The Show: A Day in the Life of Quality - This theme is all about effectively managing quality activities. You can expect these sessions to provide in-depth insights about achieving closed-loop traceability, building a winning training plan, preparing for your next audit, and so much more. 

The Shift: Trends & Technology - Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), digital health, artificial intelligence, COVID-19—these are just a few of the drivers of change in the medical device industry. Additionally, you will get the chance to speak with experts on some of the hottest topics in MedTech.

The Story: MedTech True Quality - The path to commercialization is full of twists and turns. In The Story, medical device pioneers will share actionable advice, real-world experiences, and hidden pitfalls they uncovered on the way to commercialization.

The Strategy: Scaling & New Markets - For this theme, join medical device entrepreneurs, executives, and leadership teams on a deep dive into building and leading your company. Learn how to leverage quality as a strategic advantage to protect your brand and impact the top and bottom lines. 


Bring along a specialized group to cover more ground 

At the risk of being presumptuous, there’s a reason why your team is your team. These are the professionals who will decide the success trajectory for your company, as well as the outcomes for the very patients using your device. 

So, it would behoove you to consider bringing along your specialized team of colleagues to give them the same networking exposure and growth opportunities that can benefit you all as a collective unit for years to come.

True Quality 2022 is a conference designed for everyone involved in medical device manufacturing, including:

  • Medical Device Executives & Leadership Teams

  • Quality Professionals and Management

  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals and Management

  • Clinical Affairs Professionals and Management

  • R&D Engineers and Management

Consider selecting team members from a variety of roles, too, in order to leverage different skill sets and expertise. You could even have specific assignments for each team member to attend the sessions most relevant to them.


Prepare for networking 

Of course, True Quality 2022 isn’t just about the speakers or interactive sessions, it’s about getting inspired and motivated by the True Quality Movement. 

People are inspired in many different ways, and while listening to innovative minds addressing a room of your peers may be enough for one, you may be craving a more personal connection. 

That’s precisely why we’ve curated a number of unique networking opportunities. Whether you’re a startup CEO looking to meet your next strategic partner, a quality manager in need of a new vendor, or a product engineer looking to grow your skills.

To recap what we’ve covered so far in this post, remember to do the following things in order to make the most of your True Quality 2022 experience:

  • Identify speakers and guests you’d like to meet

  • Work on your opening line. Remember, sometimes less is more, especially when you’re introducing yourself.

  • Come up with some conversation starters for those lulls in conversation.

  • Make certain you’re stocked up on business cards and reference materials. Also, consider the option of contactless networking for sanitary reasons.

  • Be present and in the moment! Put your phone or tablets away and allow yourself to embrace the chance for connection.

  • Stay confident! Nobody knows your stuff better than you, so don’t let yourself be fooled by insecurities or anxieties.

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