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Here's the problem most medical device consultants run into...

Your clients are using a mix of paper files and software tools that don’t talk to one another to manage processes such as product research, design, quality, and regulatory functions -- processes that are complex and need to be connected.

For your clients...

This means missing documents and signatures, wasting time trying to track down the most recent version of a document, and painful inspections and audits that slow their time to market.

For you...

This mix of paper-based systems and disconnected software makes it nearly impossible to show the ROI your systems and processes you deliver. This doesn’t sit well with your clients when they’re paying you by the hour and their product isn’t getting to market as fast as they’d like.

Your relationships with clients may even be short lived when they aren’t satisfied or run out of money, forcing you to spend more time finding new clients and drafting proposals than you’d like.

And what about the problem of actually getting these new clients?

You’re an expert at helping companies to bring new medical devices to market -- not marketing and sales. Time spent getting new clients is time that could have been spent delivering the services you get paid for.

So you can continue this cycle of attracting new inbound leads, cold calling and emailing, drafting proposals, closing deals, charging by the hour, and then looking for new clients again because you can’t prove your value…

Or you can partner with Greenlight Guru...

This is what you get when you partner with us... 

You’ll be partnering with the only eQMS designed specifically for medical device companies…

Medical device companies using Greenlight Guru bring FDA and ISO-compliant medical devices to market in less time, for less money, and without worrying about audits and inspections going sideways. Partners who bring Greenlight Guru to their clients are compensated for delivering these same benefits.

You can eliminate the administrative and other low-value activities you hate...

Instead, you can spend more time on the high-value quality and regulatory activities you were hired to do. Your clients will see more value for each dollar they spend, making it more likely they’ll remain your client, consider higher fees, and refer business your way.

We can help you generate leads so you can focus on providing services that make you money...

We are regular contributors to online publications such as MedCity News, Medical Design Technology, and Qmed. This, combined with our being the only eQMS for medical device companies, has helped us grow an engaged email list of over 38,000 subscribers and counting.

Plus, we provide marketing materials and the rights to repurpose a lot of our own content to help you generate your own leads and sales.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to get started...

Whether you just want to earn some revenue for each customer you send our way and tap into our promotional opportunities, secure multi-year revenue share and make even more money by servicing our customers, or something in between -- we have a plan for you.

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