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Free training webinars to help you keep up with medical device regulatory changes and achieve true quality

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How to Ace your Internal Audits in 2022

A free, in-depth webinar explaining how to conduct internal audits of core QMS functions and cross-functional collaboration methods you can use to benefit your product, QA/RA, and engineering teams.

How to Effectively Implement the New ISO 14971:2019 & Maintain Your Current Risk File

Free, in-depth webinar covering various key changes to ISO14971 and practical approaches for implementation of the new standard for both new products and legacy products.

Notified Body + Manufacturer Face-off: Inside Scoop from Both Sides on How to Address MDR Misalignment

A free, in-depth webinar covering the inside scoop from off-the-record interviews held with both manufacturers and notified bodies to identify areas of misalignment and challenges they are facing during this transition period.

Breakthrough Device Designation & Its Impact on Reimbursement

A free, in-depth webinar covering the benefits and risks associated with FDA Breakthrough Designation and what it means for reimbursement, FDA interactions and time to market.

The “New” 510k: How Do You Show Substantial Equivalence Without Using A Predicate?

A free, in-depth webinar covering the “new” safety and performance based 510k (sp510k).

The Power of 3D-Printed Medical Devices: Proven Regulatory Strategies & Quality Recommendations to Use for Additive Manufacturing

A free, in-depth webinar covering various additive manufacturing methods and 3D printing technologies companies can use for making medical devices, validating workflows, and executing regulatory strategies.

Tips & Tricks for Customizing a Clinical Trials Program for your Medical Device, IVD, or Digital Therapeutic that Satisfies Regulators, Investors & Patients

A free, in-depth webinar covering what to expect and do for a successful clinical trials program and market launch for Non-significant Risk (NSR) devices, IVDs, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), De Novos, traditional Class II and III devices, Digital Therapeutics, and Wellness devices.

Human Factors Engineering: The Worldwide Guide for Medical Device Manufacturers

Free, in-depth webinar covering the human factors engineering process and how to comply with the applicable regulatory requirements of the US, UK, EU, and other international standards.

Demystifying the Breakthrough Device Designation (BDD) & Safer Technologies (STeP) Processes

A free, in-depth webinar covering BDD and STeP application processes and why getting these designations early in the regulatory process can help clear a device’s pathway to approval.

5 Key Points to Consider in Design Transfer of Medtech

Free, in-depth webinar presented by Doug Browne, Director of Mechanical Engineering and Design Transfer at Sunrise Labs, and Ted Trask, Director of Corporate QA/RA at Cirtronics, who share tips from their decades of experience transferring new product designs for medical products into manufacturing.

10 QMS Musts for SaMD and Devices Featuring Software (and how to best utilize for product & team success)

A free, in-depth webinar covering the best practices for setting up an agile QMS which can be adapted and optimized concurrently with software as a medical device (SaMD) development phases.

FDA vs. EU Regulatory Pathways: Factors Every Startup Must Consider with Go-to-Market Strategy

Free, in-depth webinar presented by regulatory experts from the Greenlight Guru Regulatory Advisory Board, where they will compare and contrast FDA versus EU regulatory pathways, discuss relative timelines and costs as well as the importance of clinical data, and other relevant topics.

Attention ⚠️ ISO 15223-1 4th Edition is Almost Here: How to Update your Medical Device Labeling to Comply with the New Requirements

This free, in-depth webinar will cover the latest updates of ISO 15223-1 4th Edition to help participants understand the full scope of changes and uncover actionable ways to easily and effectively transition to compliance with the new requirements.

Combination Products: What Are They, Why Are They Important & Why Should Medical Device Professionals Care?

Free interactive webinar exploring combination products and what manufacturers need to know about their unique value proposition in the market, complex regulatory requirements, and high growth potential.

How to Prepare for and Manage Audits/Inspections across Global Markets

In this free, exclusive webinar event, Greenlight Guru founder Jon Speer will moderate a panel of industry experts in a lively discussion about audits and inspections.

Evaluating need for Biocompatibility Testing & Mitigating Risks when Changing your Medical Device

A free, in-depth webinar on how manufacturers can evaluate whether biocompatibility testing and risk mitigations are necessary when making changes to a medical device.

How to Integrate Cybersecurity into Your Existing Medical Device Development Lifecycle

A free, in-depth webinar explaining how to integrate cybersecurity into existing medical device development processes, resulting in secure products and needed artifacts for regulatory submission and sales, with minimum burden on budgets and schedules.

3 Ways to Transform your Change Process through AI-powered Predictive Quality

A free, in-depth webinar explaining how to transform the change management process from reactive to predictive quality through AI/ML technologies that enable proactive decision-making and improvements to made throughout the change process.

Change Management and Risk Management: How do we connect the dots and what happens if we don’t?

Free interactive webinar demonstrating how to integrate change management and risk management and will share best practices using case studies from a variety of clinical specialties.

When Do We Need FDA’s Permission to Market Our Device and When Do We Not?

A free, in-depth webinar exploring what is and is not a regulated medical device and how manufacturers can interpret and leverage FDA's definition of a device.

3 Powerful Ways to Revolutionize Your Approach to Closed-Loop Quality System Traceability

A free, in-depth webinar covering the challenges medical device companies face today when demonstrating closed-loop traceability, the growing emphasis from industry standards and regulations, and the strategies, tactics, and tools device professionals can use to achieve truly connected quality.

Best Tools & Tricks for Meeting IVDR Requirements to Obtain CE Marking

A free, in-depth webinar covering the best tools and tricks for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic devices to meet IVDR requirements and obtain CE Marking.

How to Implement and Maintain a Modern CAPA System while Avoiding Common Pitfalls

A free, in-depth webinar covering proven methods to improve your CAPA processes and tactical approaches you can start taking today to ensure the medical devices you design, develop, manufacture and market are safe and effective.

Insider’s look at the IEC 60601 Amendments: Detailed Guidance from Committee Member Responsible for Changes

A free, in-depth webinar covering the significant changes of the IEC 60601 Amendments and how medical device manufacturers and consultants can prepare accordingly.

Verification & Testing Strategies for Compliance with ISO 13485:2016, IEC 62304 / 60601-1 / 82304-1

A free in-depth webinar covering the most effective verification and testing strategies companies can implement for compliance with ISO 13485:2016, IEC 62034 / 60601-1 / 82304-1.

Understanding the Medical Device Classification System: From Basics to Beyond – Using Classification to your Competitive Advantage

A free, in-depth webinar covering the medical device classification system and how companies can use it to their competitive advantage by using best practices for approaching and communicating with FDA.

How to Integrate Risk Management throughout the Lifecycle of a Medical Device in the Coming Decade

A free webinar reviewing the application of a modern approach to risk management (risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk control, overall residual risk evaluation, production and postproduction monitoring) as a product moves through the product lifecycle (concept, development, launch, postmarket, obsolescence).

3 Ways Medical Device Companies Working Remote Are Leveraging QMS Software To Foster Innovation And Collaboration

This free in-depth webinar will cover how companies using turn-key, best-in-class QMS software are able to remain agile in order to innovate and outperform the competition.

How Can Medical Device Companies Use The Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) To Address The Covid-19 Pandemic?

This free in-depth webinar will explore the Emergency Use Authorization — specifically in the context of COVID-19 — and how medical device companies can use it.

Are You Sure You Know the Best Regulatory Pathway for Your New Medical Device?

This free in-depth webinar will explore all regulatory pathways to market — including the lesser-known and lesser-used ones — to help you decide which to use when for your medical device.

How to Use UX to Streamline Medical Device Product Cycles

A free in-depth webinar outlining a process that not only fits within the regulatory parameters, but also is so effective that it shortens the typical product development cycle leading up to your regulatory submission.

Key Considerations for SaMD Companies Developing and Commercializing Software as Medical Devices

A free in-depth webinar covering the most important items that companies must understand and put into practice when developing and commercializing SaMDs.

Behind the Stats: Medical Device Product Development & Quality Management Benchmark Survey

A free in-depth webinar on industry benchmark survey findings of over 500 medical device professionals around the globe, covering the most compelling stats, biggest surprises, and must-know takeaways device makers need to know.

Beyond Design Controls 101: Following the Regulation vs. Understanding its Intent

A free webinar covering the design control “framework” and recommendations to effectively meet their requirements. Emphasis will be placed not only on regulatory aspects but on effective design strategy, which is very important to avoid spending unnecessary time and money on an ineffective design control process.

Implementing Best Practice Medical Device Change Control Processes (While Avoiding Common Pitfalls)

A free webinar on how you can establish an effective medical device change control process to ensure internal consistency throughout your quality management systems and documentation.

An Exclusive Look at the New Changes to ISO 14971:2019 and ISO TR 24971:2019

A free, in-depth webinar covering the new changes to ISO 14971:2019, the international standard for medical device risk management, and its companion guidance document ISO TR 24971:2020.

Post-market Surveillance For Medical Devices And Combination Products: If A Device Is Fda Cleared Or Approved, Can We Assume It’s Safe And Effective?

In this free webinar participants will learn post-market surveillance best practices
for medical devices and combination products to avoid timely and costly mistakes, as well as creative ways to use post-market surveillance to their advantage! 

How and When to Start Documenting your Formal Design Controls with DHF Ready Ideation

In this free webinar participants will learn how and when to start formal design controls to improve product development through an innovative and proven approach known as DHF Ready Ideation.

How And When To Register EU Medical Devices And Report UDI Information To EUDAMED

In this free webinar participants will learn how and when to register EU medical devices and report Unique Device Identification (UDI) information to EUDAMED, manage UDI submission data, and prepare for expected future challenges with UDI once EU MDR goes into effect.

How To Apply Risk Management Throughout The Product Lifecycle Of Your Medical Device

In this free webinar participants will learn how to apply Risk Management (Risk Analysis, Risk Evaluation, Risk Control, Overall Residual Risk Evaluation, Production and Post Production Monitoring) to a medical device as it moves throughout the stages of the Product Lifecycle (Concept, Development, Launch, Post Market, Obsolescence).

10 Steps To Preparing Your 510(k) Submission (And How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls)

In this free webinar participants will learn about the key steps to take when preparing a 510(k) Premarket Notification and how to avoid common pitfalls that can occur during this process.

Breakthrough Designation Program: Is This An Option For My Medical Device?

Quality Leaders' Playbook for Driving Executive Engagement with Quality Systems

Why Design Validation is More than Testing: How do we validate our validation?

In this free webinar participants will learn best practices for design validation, including how to avoid timely and costly validation mistakes and creative ways to use validation to their advantage!

Understanding Post-market Surveillance under EU MDR: Being Proactive, Not Reactive

A free webinar on the newly codified regulatory requirements for post-market surveillance (PMS) under the new Medical Device Regulations (MDR) that goes into effect May 2020, and how manufacturers can take a proactive role in their approach.

Why User Needs Matter & Their Benefits in Streamlining Device Design and Development

A free webinar about connecting empathy and purpose to gain meaningful user insights that translate into optimal design inputs and product quality in medical device development.

UX for Medical Devices: Designing for the Evolving Environment of Technology, Safety, Regulation and Recalls

A free webinar on the ways in which UX design can mitigate human error while reducing both recalls and product development costs.

How to Avoid Common Problems with your Design, Risk, and Validation Documentation

A free webinar on the simple ways you and your team can learn to integrate documentation best practices so you can mitigate risk and systemic issues.

Prepping your QMS for EU MDR

A free webinar on the critical steps that are needed in order to prepare your Quality Management System (QMS) for the upcoming EU Medical Device Regulations (EU MDR) in 2020.

When Design Input Requirements Go Wrong

A free webinar on what happens when Design Inputs, which are widely regarded as the most important design control element, go wrong.

EU MDR: How do I interpret the new regulations and what do I need to do to be compliant?

Free webinar on how to interpret European Union’s Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR), what it means to each organization, and what you can do to be compliant in the EU.

FDA Partners with Greenlight Guru: Case for Quality Webinar Series

Free webinar series presented by FDA Case for Quality Manager Cisco Vincenty in partnership with Greenlight Guru. This four-part webinar series covers the future of FDA's Case for Quality initiative and its benefits to the medical device industry.

The 510k and Substantial Equivalence: Why do so many get it wrong?

5 QMS Elements that must Connect to your Design Control for an Effective, Audit Proof Process

Standards, Standards, Standards – Makes the Medical Device World go Around

Free webinar presented by the FDA and Greenlight Guru. Learn about IMDRF, its forthcoming guidance, and how its priorities play in relation to international medical electrical equipment standards.

How to Conquer Supplier Management for Medical Device Companies

Free webinar presented by Kyle Rose of Rook Quality Systems and Greenlight Guru. Learn to conquer supplier management by updating your processes and using best practices to comply with ISO 13485/ 21 CFR 820/ MDSAP/ MDR regulations.

FDA's Case for Quality: Non-Product Computer System Validation (Part 4 of 4)

Quality VS Compliance Metrics & What's Next for FDA's Case for Quality Pilot (Part 3 of 4)

The Pre-Market Approval (PMA): Is it really as bad as so many think?

FDA's Case for Quality: Voluntary Program and Status Update (Part 2 of 4)

10 Things You Must Know About Updating Your Technical Files to Comply with EU MDR

FDA's Case for Quality: What, Why and How? Changing the Regulatory Paradigm

Greenlight Guru has partnered with FDA to give you the inside track on what you need to know about the Case for Quality, the changing regulatory paradigm, and what all this means for all stakeholders involved with the medical device industry.

Bridging User Needs & Design Requirements

A Timeline to Comply with ISO 13485:2016 (And What You Need to Be Doing Today)

General Wellness Devices & Wearables: Regulatory Options You Need to Know

5 Predictions for the Medical Device Industry in 2018 (And How You Can Prepare)

Regulatory Intelligence (Mis)Management in the Medical Device Industry

How Software Can Be Leveraged to Streamline Device Development

Demystifying the FDA's Human Factors Guidance

What You Need to Know About Medical Electrical Standards Updates

Advanced Strategies and Tactics for Using the De Novo Pathway

How Design Controls & Risk Management Best Practices Reduce Customer Complaints & CAPAs

Best Practices for Medical Device Change Management

How to Create a Risk-based CAPA Process

Top 10 Most Significant Changes Introduced by the New EU MDR

How to Prepare for the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)

How QMS Software Can Speed Up Your Product Development & Simplify Compliance

Learn how modern, purpose-built software not only ensures you compliance with all the latest regulations but also frees up your engineers’ time, reduces risk, speeds time to market, and help you pass audits with flying colors.

How to Prepare for a Successful Design Transfer

How to Prepare for (and Make the Most of) Your FDA Pre-Submission

Many Connotations of Risk in Medical Device Development

What You Need to Know About Life with FDA After Your Device Gains Clearance

5 Things the Medical Device Industry Should Expect in 2017

15 Steps to Get Approval to IEC 60601-1

8 Steps to Implement an EU-MDR Compliance Program

How to Prepare for the New EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR)

How to Simplify Your Compliance to the New ISO 13485:2016

How to Prepare for the New EU In Vitro Diagnostics Regulations (IVDR)

510(k) Submission Tips, Tricks & Timlines from a Former FDA Reviewer

Medical Device Project Management Best Practices

Clinical Evaluation in the EU for Medical Devices

How To Avoid and Respond to FDA 483's and Warning Letters

Everything Device Makers Need to Know About Design Controls

An Overview of ISO 14971 Risk Management

Understanding the Changes to ISO 13485:2016

How To Prepare for the Transition to ISO 13485:2016

How to Manage & Mitigate Risk in New Product Development