Greenlight Guru Releases The AI in MedTech Trend Report 2023

November 7, 2023

The survey of more than 200 medical device professionals is a snapshot into the interest and attitudes toward AI tools and their adoption in the MedTech industry.

Greenlight Guru Releases AI in MedTech Trend Report 2023

Greenlight Guru, the leading provider of cloud-based quality and clinical software for MedTech companies, announces today the release of its AI in MedTech Trend Report 2023. The Trend Report is the result of a survey of more than 200 MedTech professionals, and provides the first look into the MedTech industry’s adoption of AI applications and attitude toward the technology. 

Greenlight Guru surveyed medical device professionals in Quality and Regulatory, Product Development, Clinical, Manufacturing and Operations, and Executive roles, and uncovered a number of key insights, including:

  • Just 32% of respondents use AI tools in their day-to-day work, yet 85% were interested in exploring AI applications further.

  • AI adoption varies by role: Manufacturing & Operations (50%), Clinical roles (40%), and Quality & Regulatory Affairs (28%).

  • Over 80% of respondents are using ChatGPT. Other popular tools include Bard, Fireflies, and Midjourney.

  • Respondents cited concerns about the accuracy of data or answers, decision-making errors, and potential regulatory, privacy, and cybersecurity issues.

“What the Trend Report tells us is that there is tremendous interest in AI tools in the MedTech space, but that interest is tempered by concerns about data accuracy, especially when it comes to making key decisions based on AI outputs,” said Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Data Scientist at Greenlight Guru. “The industry needs more MedTech-specific AI tools they can trust both for patient safety and regulatory purposes.”

The Trend Report is part of Greenlight Guru’s larger push to integrate the power of AI into the MedTech space. In May of 2023, the company released Risk Intelligence, which helps users identify and assess the most relevant risks for their devices using AI and advanced statistical models powered by real-world data. The forthcoming Digital Guru, currently in Beta testing, is the only chat solution specifically trained on MedTech industry regulations, requirements, and best practices, and specifically tailored for MedTech companies. This solution will enable MedTech professionals to get instant and accurate answers to commonly asked questions about a range of industry topics, from product risk profiles to regulatory changes. 

“Our focus has always been on helping the MedTech industry deliver safe and innovative products that will improve the quality of life for patients around the world,” said David DeRam, CEO of Greenlight Guru. “As we continue to add AI applications to our products and develop new solutions, that focus will help ensure that our customers and the patients they serve are at the forefront of everything we do. The Trend Report confirms that the demand for AI tools is high, but so is the bar we’ve set for quality in the MedTech industry.” 

For a closer look at the findings, you can find the full AI in MedTech Trend Report 2023 here.

Greenlight Guru will host a free virtual event covering AI in MedTech on December 7, which will include an in-depth presentation on the report findings. More information and event sign-up can be found here.

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AI in MedTech
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