“A Perfect eQMS”: Customers Rank Greenlight Guru #1 QMS in G2 Spring 2023 QMS Grid Report

April 6, 2023

Spring 23 Badges (1)

Greenlight Guru is honored to announce that it has been selected - by users - as the leading QMS for the eighteenth consecutive quarter in G2’s Spring 2023 QMS Grid Report.

In addition, Greenlight Guru has been named a Leader in the Medical QMS category for the seventh consecutive quarter and ranks as the #1 software in the Medical QMS category.  Greenlight Guru was also named as Leader in Europe for Quality Management Systems, nine points above the nearest competitor. 

G2 quarterly reports are generated by organic feedback from customers at medical device companies. Users provide candid feedback on the software including the perceived pros and cons of the platform, their likelihood to recommend, and how the software is solving real business problems. 

"I am thrilled that 98% of customers believe Greenlight Guru's software is headed in the right direction. As they bring lifesaving medical devices to market, their trust in our platform is critical. We continue to listen to our customers and make the product and technology decisions - such as our recent move from a closed to a connected platform via API capabilities - to give them the best tools to improve the quality of life through their innovations." - David DeRam, CEO

Greenlight Guru ranked two points higher than its next closest competitor in the ‘quality of support’ ranking and 1 point above the competition in the ‘ease of doing business with’ ranking - notably above the average score of 92% across the category.  Additionally, Greenlight Guru was ranked easiest to do business with and the most likely QMS to be recommended by users. 

Thanks to these fanatic customer reviews, G2 awarded Greenlight Guru a total of 18 badges and the #1 spot across ten of the Spring reports and indexes. These top honors included Best Results, Best Relationship, Most Implementable, and Easiest Admin.

  •  98% of users believe the product is going in the right direction
  •  Users rate our quality of support at 97% and ease of doing business with at 95%
  •  91% of users are likely to recommend

FREE REPORT: Click here to access the full G2 grid report to see how users rank Greenlight Guru.

Here’s what some Greenlight Guru customers had to say:

  • “Greenlight Guru has everything a QMS needs and organizes all the documents well. In previous companies, employees used to say, "let's do it this other way to avoid using the QMS". Now, we can not fear the documentation requirement but use it to our advantage.”- Jared, Director of Product Development

  • “Greenlight Guru created a reliable source of truth for our Quality Management System, moving us from an archaic Google Drive storage system to flawless change management, highly customizable access, and the ability to build out templatized workflows related to our adverse reactions, nonconformances, and other previously time-consuming processes.”- Olivia, Director of Compliance
  • “User-friendly interface, very good customer support and they go out of their way to resolve queries in a timely and professional way. The software is ideal for small to medium enterprises and start-ups and continues to evolve in a positive direction. A lot of work is done to ensure your feedback is listened to and suggestions are always welcomed and often implemented to improve the software. The software is also validated after each release and these reports are made readily available which is very helpful.”- Edward, QA/RA

  • "Greenlight is a perfect software for Medical device companies." -Annam, Senior QA Auditor

FREE REPORT: Click here to access the full G2 grid report to see how users rank Greenlight Guru.

How Does G2 Choose QMS Leaders?

In order to be placed in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report, solutions must be rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Satisfaction scores consider multiple factors including product areas such as: ease of use, ease of admin, ease of setup, and if a product meets user requirements as well as customer experience factors including ease of doing business with and quality of support.

The positioning of companies within the G2 Grid is determined by a combination of the Satisfaction and Market Presence scores—combined to create the proprietary G2 Score—based on the feedback provided by customers. In the QMS category, Greenlight Guru’s G2 score came in three points higher than the nearest competitor and eleven points higher than the same competitive product in the Medical Device QMS category - further confirming that Greenlight Guru is the most purpose-built solution, specifically for medical device companies. 

This is Greenlight Guru’s 18th consecutive quarter in the Leader position for the QMS category and our 7th quarter named as a Leader for the Medical QMS category.  In collaboration with the G2 research team, Greenlight Guru assisted in the creation of this new software category so that medical device companies seeking an eQMS platform could select a platform suited to industry needs.

We want to thank all of our customers for choosing Greenlight Guru and taking the time to share their experiences. Read more customer feedback on G2’s Greenlight Guru review page. See the methodology for G2's grid reports here.

Want to see why users rank Greenlight Guru as a leading QMS software? Click here to take a quick tour of our Medical Device QMS software


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