Complaint Management Software

Connected Customer Feedback and Complaint Handling

Make it easy to manage customer complaints, document complaint reviews, evaluations, and investigations, and share information amongst team members and regulatory authorities.

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Get a Grip on Customer Feedback and Complaints

Customer feedback and complaint management is a key part of postmarket surveillance. Unfortunately, many MedTech companies find themselves chasing fragmented data across teams, locations, and systems. A lack of traceability, visibility, and access to current information prevents teams from seeing the big picture and understanding the impact of customer complaints.


Connected and Streamlined Customer Complaint Management

Capture Customer Feedback and Complaints

Feedback in any form is a good thing. Customer suggestions can contribute to the development process, positively impacting the effectiveness of the product. Listening to customer feedback allows you to make much better decisions and deliver quality products.

Automate the Process

Keep a single, up-to-date workflow with management controls in place for your complaint process. Automate your workflow inside your QMS to help you track the correct action items to the right user or group — increasing your team's efficiency.

Act On Feedback and Complaints

Quickly determine whether feedback requires immediate action and if regulatory reporting is required. Automatically set a task for someone to generate the report to send to the FDA and document your decision for future reference.

Tie It All Together

Capture feedback and complaints in the same system as your product’s design, management, and risk with interlinking capabilities so you can see everything impacted by customer feedback.

Connected Complaint Management To Streamline Quality Processes

Designed specifically for the MedTech industry with simplicity and flexibility in mind.

Designed With Your Entire Organization in Mind

Benefits for Teams

For Product Development Teams

Collaborate to address complaints before they become larger problems

  • Play an essential part in determining root cause
  • Direct investigative studies
  • See the long term benefits of your complaint handling work
Designed With Your Entire Organization in Mind

Benefits for Teams

For Quality Teams

Have confidence that your complaints are addressed effectively

  • Get ahead of large-scale harmful problems
  • Define and implement a complaint handling process early on
  • Gain visibility into the quality issues affecting your product lines

For Leaders

Support problem solving while growing business

  • Serve as a key player in deciding when to escalate an issue
  • Keep your technologies on the market with confidence
  • Spend less time and money down the road

Make a Decision. Take Action.

Assign customer feedback related tasks to your team and track progress towards due dates. Ensure your customer complaint processes are compliant and easily audited by regulatory bodies in any country.


Improve Response and Completion Time

Increase your team’s efficiency when managing customer feedback and complaints with custom-built, automated workflows within Greenlight Guru. Enable a responsive culture of quality by managing feedback with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant review and approval workflows to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

"With Greenlight Guru, we have been able to solve training gaps, on-time completion of customer complaints and non-conformances, and change orders. Prior to Greenlight, we had complaints that sat uncompleted for over a year. Now with GG we’re able to close them in less than 30 days."

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