Customers Rank Greenlight Guru Leader in QMS and Medical QMS Software in G2 Grid Reports for Summer 2023

June 18, 2023

Summer 23 G2 Report

We are honored to announce that users have once again selected Greenlight Guru as a leading QMS vendor for the nineteenth consecutive quarter in G2’s Summer 2023 QMS Grid Report.

In addition, Greenlight Guru has been named a Leader in the overall Medical QMS category for the eighth consecutive quarter and ranks as the #1 QMS in Europe for both QMS and Medical QMS. 

G2 quarterly reports are generated by organic feedback from customers at medical device companies. Users provide candid feedback on the software including the perceived pros and cons of the platform, their likelihood to recommend, and how the software is solving real business problems. 

Thanks to these fanatic customer reviews, G2 awarded Greenlight Guru a total of 18 badges and twenty #1 spots across the various Grid and Index reports. These top honors included Best Results, Best Relationship, Most Implementable, and Easiest Admin.

Beyond these flattering and heartwarming accolades, we have been digging deeper into these reviews and ratings to find out just what it is that keeps customers raving about Greenlight Guru.

Customers love our MedTech-Made QMS

It’s no secret that the market for MedTech QMS software has grown, with more and more vendors attempting to pass off their general-purpose QMS products as usable for medical device manufacturers. However, these solutions are not built for the rigors of the unique and highly regulated MedTech industry.

And as the competition gets crowded, Greenlight Guru continues to stand alone as the leader of purpose-built medical device QMS solutions. Our QMS outranked our nearest competitor by 17 points in the Medical Device QMS category.

Additionally, Greenlight Guru outranked competitors in the following categories:

  • Change Management
  • Platform Security and Privacy
  • Implementation
  • Customer Support
  • Professional Services

Users love our dedicated customer support

Once again, users heavily favored Greenlight Guru for our dedication to customer success. Thanks in no small part to our Guru Advisory services and 24/7 customer support, users ranked us #1 in:

  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • Ease of Admin
  • Usability Index
  • Relationship Index

Customers also were thrilled with our best-in-class implementation time, which averages at 2.9 months. Additionally, our Net Promoter Score of 74 was the highest among all QMS solutions.

Our momentum is unstoppable after successful innovative product rollouts

This quarter has been a busy one for Greenlight Guru, as we have been steadily rolling out new, innovative, and game-changing products that help our customers continue striving for excellence. So, it makes sense that G2 would name Greenlight Guru as the Momentum Leader in both the QMS and Medical QMS categories.

For one, we launched Risk Solutions, a first-of-its-kind technology that pairs AI-generated insights with intuitive, purpose-built risk management workflows for streamlined compliance and reduced risk throughout the entire device lifecycle. 

 We released our Export Application Programming Interface (API), which lets users share their QMS data with any 3rd party software to further power consistency and visibility of critical data throughout the device lifecycle. 

Additionally, we released our ROI Calculator—an interactive tool that provides MedTech companies with customized reports on the potential impact an eQMS solution can have on their business. And that’s good, because G2 just named Greenlight Guru the Best Estimated ROI in the Medical QMS category.

As a result of these massively successful product launches, users rated Greenlight Guru the highest in the Leaders Quadrant for ‘Product Going in Right Direction’ at 97%.

Here’s what some of Greenlight Guru customers had to say:

  • “Greenlight Guru has been a life-changing platform! Greenlight Guru has managed to remain state of the art, the software gives you the ability to do meaningful work by removing the mundane tasks." - QA Consultant

  • “What I like the most is how easy it is to operate. It is very intuitive, and most people I have worked with rarely have any troubles with the system.” - QA Professional
  • “Greenlight Guru has made our transition from paper-based to eQMS extremely easy. The ability to store documents, route change orders, and assign training through Greenlight has been extremely beneficial to our Quality department.” - Anonymous


In addition to being named the Leader in both QMS and Medical QMS categories, Greenlight Guru proudly earned badges including:

  • Leader - Small Business (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Leader - Mid-Market (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Momentum Leader (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Momentum Leader - Small Business (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Best Results - Small Business (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Best Usability - Small Business (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Most Implementable (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Most Implementable - Small Business (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Fastest Implementation - Small Business (QMS)
  • Fastest Implementation - Mid-Market (Medical QMS)
  • Best Relationship - (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Best Relationship - Small Business (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Best Support - Small Business (QMS)
  • Best Results (Medical QMS)
  • Best Usability (Medical QMS)
  • Easiest Admin - Mid-Market (Medical QMS)
  • Leader - Europe (QMS)
  • Best Estimated ROI - Mid-Market (Medical QMS)

How Does G2 Choose QMS Leaders?

In order to be placed in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report, solutions must be rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Satisfaction scores consider multiple factors including product areas such as: ease of use, ease of admin, ease of setup, and if a product meets user requirements as well as customer experience factors including ease of doing business with and quality of support.

The positioning of companies within the G2 Grid is determined by a combination of the Satisfaction and Market Presence scores—combined to create the proprietary G2 Score—based on the feedback provided by customers. In the QMS category, Greenlight Guru’s G2 score came in three points higher than the nearest competitor and eleven points higher than the same competitive product in the Medical Device QMS category - further confirming that Greenlight Guru is the most purpose-built solution, specifically for medical device companies. 

This is Greenlight Guru’s 19th consecutive quarter in the Leader position for the QMS category and our 8th quarter named as a Leader for the Medical QMS category.  In collaboration with the G2 research team, Greenlight Guru assisted in the creation of this new software category so that medical device companies seeking an eQMS platform could select a platform suited to industry needs.

We want to thank all of our customers for choosing Greenlight Guru and taking the time to share their experiences.

Read more customer feedback on G2’s Greenlight Guru review page. See the methodology for G2's grid reports here.


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