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Clinical Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Platform

The Bridge Between Medical Devices and Clinical Data

All MedTech companies need to collect high-quality clinical data. With SMART-TRIAL, leverage the only Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform designed for MedTech manufacturers, that also fits the future of the MedTech industry and its regulatory framework. You gain access to an in-depth, pre-validated toolbox for Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up (PMCF), Post-Market Performance Follow-Up (PMPF), Clinical Investigations, and Clinical Performance Studies.


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Clinical Operations Are Complex and Expensive

A traditional EDC is built on an outdated vision for clinical data collection. And claiming equivalence is not enough to pass the scrutiny of Notified Bodies. Not to mention, every device and technology has unique requirements that other solutions do not account for. The work you do is too important, so we have a solution.

Built Specifically For The MedTech Industry

Streamline the collection and management of clinical data so safer and better medical devices can reach healthcare faster with SMART-TRIAL.

Adjust Designs

Medical Device studies often require small adjustments in study designs depending on countries and EC approvals. Make those adjustments easily and with visibility.

Build Studies

Use a quick and validated study setup that empowers clinical teams to be in full control of their activities.

Access Templates

Comes with ISO 14155:2020 and MDR compliant AE reporting. Packed with ready-to-use, customizable templates for your teams.

Support Treatments

Flexibility is key. If your study subjects require one or many treatments with your device, you can use multiple activations for any visit event.

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Bring Safe Products To Market

Clinical processes are continuous and critical throughout the product lifecycle. They are key to ensuring the safety of your life-changing technologies. Whether it’s Verification & Validation, Clinical Investigations, or a Post-Market follow-up, we are there to support all of your needs with ease and compliance at the forefront.

Your First and Only PMCF Data Collection Solution Built for MedTech

Learn how to collect postmarket clinical data effectively with