Greenlight Guru Launches Greenlight Guru Academy as a Trusted Source of Education to the Global Medical Device Community

March 8, 2021

Greenlight Guru Academy will educate and train medical device professionals on everything they need to know to thrive in their role and deliver the highest quality products to patients.

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Greenlight Guru, the leading cloud-based platform purpose-built for MedTech companies, today announces the launch of Greenlight Guru Academy, a learning resource providing free online training for medical device quality, regulatory and product development professionals. 

Training is not only an essential component to creating safe, effective and high quality medical devices; it is a regulatory requirement in markets around the world. Traditionally, creating effective training programs has been difficult and time consuming for medical device professionals to manage in-house without access to a trusted source of training materials. As a result, companies have been left with limited options to address critical training needs and meet the relevant compliance requirements.

Greenlight Guru Academy’s mission is to improve the way medical device professionals train their employees to effectively design, develop and market safer, more effective medical devices for patients.

“Training is essential for innovation, growth and most importantly, company success,” said David DeRam, CEO at Greenlight Guru. “Accessing useful training materials and continued learning support should be a core focus in 2021, as our industry needs innovation more than ever before. With the introduction of Greenlight Guru Academy, we aim to be the worldwide leader in medical device industry education and help our community develop high quality devices for those who depend on it.” 

With the introduction of Greenlight Guru Academy, medical device professionals now have access to a one-stop-shop for on-demand training along with a cohort of additional free and premium content, courses, videos, guides and certifications. This learning resource platform lets employees receive the training necessary to advance their careers, stay ahead of the competition and complete training for both regulatory requirements and industry credentials. Greenlight Guru Academy’s medical device-specific educational courses are designed to help trainees design, develop and launch medical devices, meet FDA and international quality standards and stay up-to-date on evolving regulatory requirements and best practices. 

Additional offerings provided by Greenlight Guru Academy include: 

  • On-demand courses for self-paced learning 
  • Industry best practices and actionable training presented by top medical device experts
  • Free singular topic courses and bite-sized training on numerous QA/RA and product development topics
  • Training and certifications for employees that help satisfy regulatory requirements

The launch of Greenlight Guru Academy follows the announcement of the True Quality Summit Series: Preparing for EU MDR & IVDR.

For more information on Greenlight Guru Academy, visit: 

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Greenlight Guru is the leading cloud-based platform purpose-built for MedTech companies. The end-to-end solution streamlines product development, quality management, and clinical data management by integrating cross-functional teams, processes, and data throughout the entire product lifecycle. Greenlight Guru’s...

Introducing Greenlight Guru Academy
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