Four Years, For You

September 27, 2022

Celebrating Four Years as the Leading QMS, as Selected by Users

Greenlight Guru is proud to celebrate the sixteenth consecutive quarter - 4 years and counting - as the leading QMS in G2’s Fall 2022 QMS Grid Report. 

We would be remiss to not acknowledge and thank our customers who ultimately made this happen. Their unbiased, authentic reviews share just where Greenlight Guru is helping them bring innovative, life-changing products to patients - faster. 

From the voice of our customers, Greenlight Guru has also been named the Leader in the Medical QMS category and ranks as the #1 software in the Medical QMS category overall, as well as in the Small Business and Mid-Market segments. 

“The accomplishment of being ranked as a leading QMS and Medical QMS solution for four years running is truly a shared success between us and our customers,” shares Fran Cruz, Chief Customer Officer. “It is an honor to receive these achievements and hear the voices of our customers shine through over the years. We appreciate every user taking the time to share their experiences and value their feedback while we continue to grow a platform and deliver the strategic support they need throughout their product’s lifecycle.” 

G2’s Fall Report also helped uncover Greenlight Guru’s ability to help medical device companies transition to a top-notch QMS quickly, efficiently, and - most importantly - compliantly. Over 80% of users were able to fully implement the solution in-house and go live with the product within two months. Greenlight Guru also outperformed competitive products in the areas of implementation, customer support, and professional services, further proving our commitment to helping emerging MedTech companies for the entirety of the product life cycle.

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Additional highlights from our customers summarized in the report included the following satisfaction ratings: 

  • 97% of users believe the product is going in the right direction
  • Users rate our quality of support at 97% and ease of doing business at 95%, both seeing growth from previous reports
  • 92% of users are likely to recommend Greenlight Guru
  • Greenlight Guru’s Net Promoter Score is 76, 45 points higher than the industry average for B2B software of 31

Here’s more of what some of Greenlight Guru customers had to say:

  • “Seeing an entire picture of my device's design, DHFs, and links within it - It is like having the final puzzle picture in front of you, it helps you faster identify missing pieces. The support team is also supportive in generous in providing the best practices and pathways.” - Uros, Head of Engineering

  • "We have been using Greenlight Guru for 2 years, and it has helped us to improve our Quality management system greatly. We had a paper-based system before, and it was a struggle following up on due times and asking the employee to review and approve documents. Since we implemented the Greenlight Guru, which was easy to implement by the way since it doesn’t impose any specific process, our QMS is much more efficient, and we can follow up the tasks assigned to the employees much more easily and rapidly. - Anonymous, Greenlight Guru User

  • “Greenlight guru really does make if extremely easy to setup your QMS with excellent templates and intuitive tools. Their team is also amazing and has been very helpful training us and answering questions that came up during our implementation (note this is the first time any of us have set up a's that easy and straightforward). We are a startup bringing class 1 and class 2 devices to market. We have only part time resources so having a full service, extremely easy to use solution has been amazing. So many of the features of GG would help at much larger organizations with their own quality systems, but for an organization like ours, it is a perfect fit and is helping us expedite meeting our quality system needs and much much more.” - Erik, CEO
In addition to being trusted category leaders in the QMS and Medical QMS categories, Greenlight Guru also earned numerous G2 badges that support the quality of our product:

  • Most Implementable (Medical QMS)
  • Best Results (Medical QMS)
  • Leader - Small Business (Medical QMS)
  • Leader - Mid Market (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Best Relationship (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Best Support (Medical QMS)
  • Best Usability (Medical QMS)
  • Momentum Leader (QMS, Medical QMS)
  • Users Love Us

Greenlight Guru ranks both above its nearest competitor and the category average in the areas of likelihood to recommend, product going in the right direction, ease of doing business with, and quality of support. Plus, Greenlight Guru’s Net Promoter Score ranked fourteen points higher than competitive products with an NPS score of 76. These markings awarded Greenlight Guru with the Best Usability and Most Implementable badges for the second consecutive quarter, along with the Best Relationship, Best Support, and Best Results badges. This contributes to our ability to help customers see ROI two months faster than the next leading QMS and proves our commitment to providing top-of-the-line support for our customers as they navigate the challenges of the MedTech industry.

The G2 Fall Report follows the announcement of our continued commitment to helping MedTech companies succeed in their journey to market with Greenlight Guru’s industry-dedicated, end-to-end platform and our inaugural True Quality conference, supporting MedTech leaders to connect and learn together from some of the industry’s brightest minds. Maintaining our spot with G2 as a leading QMS and Medical QMS software further demonstrates our commitment to our customers and the MedTech industry that we are building a platform that supports their needs through each step of their journey to market - and beyond.

FREE REPORT: Click here to access the full G2 grid report to see how users rank Greenlight Guru.

How Does G2 Choose QMS Leaders?

In order to be placed in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report, solutions must be rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Satisfaction scores consider multiple factors including product areas such as: ease of use, ease of admin, ease of setup, and if a product meets user requirements as well as customer experience factors including ease of doing business with and quality of support.

The positioning of companies within the G2 Grid is determined by a combination of the Satisfaction and Market Presence scores - combined to create the proprietary G2 Score - based on the feedback provided by customers. In the QMS category, Greenlight Guru’s G2 score came four points higher than the nearest competitor and eleven points higher than the same competitive product in the Medical Device QMS category - further confirming that Greenlight Guru is the most purpose-built solution, specifically for medical device companies. 

This is Greenlight Guru’s 16th consecutive quarter in the Leader position for the QMS category and our 5th quarter named as a Leader for the Medical QMS category.  In collaboration with the G2 research team, Greenlight Guru assisted in the creation of this new software category so that medical device companies seeking an eQMS platform could select a platform suited to industry needs. 

We want to thank all of our customers for choosing Greenlight Guru and taking the time to share their experiences. Read more customer feedback on G2’s Greenlight Guru review page. See the methodology for G2's grid reports here.

Want to see why users rank Greenlight Guru as a leading QMS software? Click here to take a quick tour of our Medical Device QMS software


Nick Tippmann is an experienced marketing professional lauded by colleagues, peers, and medical device professionals alike for his strategic contributions to Greenlight Guru from the time of the company’s inception. Previous to Greenlight Guru, he co-founded and led a media and event production company that was later...

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