Boost Efficiency and Decision-Making with Enhanced Clinical Data Reporting

August 4, 2023

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The latest Greenlight Guru Clinical update includes a newly designed Reporting module that streamlines clinical data management for scaling medical device companies. By providing a full overview of clinical data in one place, teams can streamline data management processes, make informed decisions faster, and save countless hours of work.

In the dynamic world of medical device manufacturing, having a comprehensive, real-time overview of clinical data and study progress is paramount. Here at Greenlight Guru, we understand the challenges that clinical data managers, sponsors, and monitors face in managing and interpreting vast amounts of data.

That's why we've developed a robust Reporting module designed to streamline data management and enhance the decision-making processes.

Our Reporting module acts as a central hub for all your data needs, consolidating unscheduled events, Adverse Events, and Form data into a single, easily accessible view. But what does this mean for the key stakeholders in your organization?


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For Data Managers: Boosting Efficiency and Study Foresight

For data managers, Reporting is a powerful module that brings together form completion, data completion, and verification status into a single view. This allows for a faster overview of different data points, enabling data managers to swiftly identify missing data ahead of site visits or crucial study time points.

The ability to check the completion status of data events or essential forms in real time significantly reduces the hours spent on data review and data consolidation. This increased efficiency allows data managers to focus on strategic tasks, enhancing the overall productivity and effectiveness of their roles.

For Study Sponsors: Empowering Real-Time Decision Making

Sponsors can leverage our new feature to make quicker, more informed decisions. Our Reporting capabilities provide reliable, real-time reports, enabling sponsors to improve collaboration with sites promptly. With an overview of unscheduled event forms, such as protocol deviations or device deficiencies, sponsors can easily check the verification status or progress of primary endpoints and forms.

This new and improved access to all clinical data significantly reduces the time spent on data verification analysis, freeing up hours that can be better spent on strategic decision-making and planning. By ensuring that monitors are staying on track with tasks, sponsors can prepare for interim analysis or database lock with confidence that the relevant data events and forms are ready for export.

For Monitors & CROs: Facilitating Faster Responses

For monitors and CROs, Reporting capabilities better support the ability to manage robust client profiles of clinical studies and extensive data sets. It allows them to review what sites have done at a glance, facilitating real-time responses to presented data. They can get an overview of unscheduled event forms, check event timing, and find missing data ahead of a site visit or important study time points.

The ability to build and customize reports significantly reduces the time spent on data review and navigation, enabling monitors and CROs to react swiftly to any issues or changes—allowing them to focus more on their core responsibilities and improving their efficiency and productivity.

Get real-time visibility into your clinical data with Greenlight Guru Clinical

Greenlight Guru Clinical is an electronic data capture (EDC) solution purpose-built and pre-validated to meet the compliance requirements of the MedTech industry. 

Our EDC solution delivers out-of-the-box compliance with ISO 14155:2020, along with user-friendly eCRF design templates, GDPR-compliant data export, and support for many different study designs and protocols.

Now with powerful reporting capabilities, medical device companies can achieve efficient data management in clinical investigations to make better decisions, faster. 

Interested in learning more about Greenlight Guru Clinical? Book a customized demo with our team and we’ll show you how to efficiently collect, monitor, and report clinical data for your upcoming and ongoing clinical activities. 

Páll Jóhannesson, M.Sc. in Medical Market Access, is the founder and Managing Director of Greenlight Guru Clinical (formerly SMART-TRIAL). Páll was previously the CEO of Greenlight Guru Clinical where he led the team to create the only EDC specifically made for medical devices.

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