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    Increase Operational Efficiencies
    Reduce time to set up a QMS by 75% $76,387
    Reduce number of FTE required to manage quality and compliance documentation by 1.0 $309,637
    Reduce time spent on product development and design documentation by 50% $262,292
    Reduce QA/RA FTE time spent on mandatory training by 75% $84,344
    Mitigate Risk
    Reduce time spent preparing for quality audits by 50% $101,437
    Reduce number of audit findings by 40% and time to address findings by 25% $298,876
    Reduce time spent managing quality events by 30% $67,926
    Accelerate time to market by 35% ( 10% attributable to Greenlight Guru eQMS) $175,000
    Total value over 3 years $1,375,899

    Overall 3-year value created:


    Created with Highcharts 10.3.2 Increase Operational Efficiencies: 53% Mitigate Risk: 34% Grow/Protect Revenue: 13%

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    The Return-on-Investment (ROI) and other financial calculations performed by this tool are based on data provided by Greenlight Guru eQMS customers, and various assumptions, and produce estimates only. The actual ROI realized by customers may vary from the estimates provided. Greenlight Guru offers this tool to assist customers with evaluating their eQMS solution; however, Greenlight Guru and Hobson & Company (the firm that created the tool) are not responsible for the accuracy of any estimates.

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