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CAPA Management Software

Never Miss a Step With Greenlight Guru’s CAPA Solution

Effectively manage CAPAs by collecting data, documents, design components, and other quality events living in your QMS. Stop reacting and start proactively planning. Discover how you can automate your CAPA process and create custom workflows that best suit you.

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800+ of the world’s leading MedTech companies trust Greenlight Guru.


Unresolved CAPAs Can Become Expensive and Harmful

If a CAPA is not investigated thoroughly, the chances of recurrence rise. Collaborating with visibility on CAPA work shouldn’t be a blocker. Why put so much at stake? Invest in a CAPA solution that guides you through a step-by-step, traceable, compliant, and thorough workflow of correcting and preventing the issue the first time.


A CAPA Solution Fully Integrated With Your QMS

Greenlight Guru was built to guide you through your CAPAs with detail, visibility, traceability, and compliance in mind.

Complete Traceability

All data and documentation living in Greenlight Guru can be linked throughout all stages of your CAPA.

Collaborate Across Teams

Create your CAPA team. Then assign tasks to appropriate team members with deadlines as you progress through investigations, analysis, and verification.

Mitigate Risk

When the process is laid out before you, risk is reduced and the chance of a systemic problem recurring decreases significantly.

Eliminate Data Silos

All of your data and documentation related to a CAPA is housed in one single source of truth within your CAPA project. No more switching between spreadsheets and binders to get the information you need.

CAPAs Don’t Have To Feel Like A Burden

Our CAPA solution is easy to use and designed specifically for the MedTech industry.

Designed With Your Entire Organization in Mind

Benefits for Teams

CAPAs can become a huge setback if not dealt with effectively. We created this solution to make sure you wouldn’t miss a step.

For Product Teams

Collaborate to correct and prevent systemic problems

  • Play an essential part in determining root cause
  • Direct investigative studies
  • See the long term benefits of your CAPA work
Designed With Your Entire Organization in Mind

Benefits for Teams

CAPAs can become a huge setback if not dealt with effectively. We created this solution to make sure you wouldn’t miss a step.

For Quality Teams

Have confidence that your CAPA meets requirements

  • Get ahead of large-scale harmful problems
  • Define and implement a CAPA process early on
  • Gain visibility into the quality issues affecting your product lines

For Executive Teams

Support problem solving while growing business

  • Serve as a key player in major CAPA decisions
  • Keep your technologies on the market with confidence
  • Spend less time and money down the road

Visualize Trends in Quality Data

Make data-driven quality decisions. Easily navigate and dig deeper into the elements included or impacted by a CAPA in a centralized view. Then assess how they relate to each other in your entire quality system.

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Automate CAPA

Close Gaps in CAPA Competence

Our industry benchmark survey discovered only 17% of MedTech companies feel they have achieved excellence in their CAPA processes. Don’t settle for less. Leverage Greenlight Guru’s medical device experts and deepen your team’s understanding of how to establish excellent CAPA practices.

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Experience More of Greenlight Guru’s CAPA Solution

Dive further into the different stages of CAPA and see the traceability within the workspace firsthand.

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$ 125 k

saved on average per project


months faster to market


hours saved on low value-added activities