April 10, 2024

Mastering Document and Change Management with Greenlight Guru Quality

Join us for an in-depth live demonstration of our QMS software, specifically designed to modernize document management and change management workflows for MedTech companies.

This demo is geared towards showcasing how our software not only facilitates streamlined compliance and boosts efficiency but also enhances operational transparency in document and change control processes, setting a new standard in quality management. Register now to secure your spot!

In this 30-minute session, you'll discover:

  • Flexible Document Organization: Explore our dynamic platform that streamlines document management with customizable categorization, efficient storage, and easy retrieval, creating a single source of truth that enhances accessibility and organization.
  • Compliant Workflows & eSignatures: Dive into our flexible review and approval workflows with Part 11 compliant signatures. Reduce the risk of non-compliance and ensure your documentation is audit-ready.  
  • Comprehensive Change Management: Experience our robust change management workflows that facilitate and simplify the review and approval of change orders, ensuring every change is documented and traceable.
  • Complete Traceability: Witness the power of end-to-end traceability, making documents easy to locate and ensuring full accessibility and transparency throughout your processes.
  • Integrated Training Management: See how document changes automatically trigger training tasks, ensuring your team is always up-to-date with the latest procedures and policies.

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GG Quality Live Demo 4-10-24
Who should attend?
This live demo is tailored for QA/RA professionals within the Medical Device industry looking for a comprehensive eQMS solution that not only meets but exceeds their quality management needs.
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