Why User Needs Matter & Their Benefits in Streamlining Device Design and Development

Have you ever been caught up in the minutiae of bringing a device to market that you lost sight of who you were designing your product for in the first place?

Developing a safe and effective medical device involves more than just considering quality and regulatory requirements at the outset of design planning. The product should also fit into a real-life scenario and meet every stakeholders’ expectations, specifically the end user.

By having a firm understanding of who will use your device and why they will use it, you can seamlessly design the proper inputs and streamline processes to get to market.

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Why UN matter webinar
Specifically, this webinar will cover:
  • What user needs are and why they matter
  • The role of user needs during design and development
  • An intersection approach: ideas to uncover all stakeholder needs
  • How to uncover all stakeholder needs using an intersection approach
  • Design metrics that meet regulatory requirements
  • Q&A Session
Who Should Attend?
  • Medical Device Executives
  • Product Development Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals
  • UX Designers
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Hosted by

Presenter: Philippe Kamdem

VP of Strategy, Novo

Moderator: Jon Speer

Founder & VP QA/RA, Greenlight Guru


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