How To Prepare For And Make The Most Out Of Your FDA Pre-submission: Leverage This Under-utilized Tool To Help De-risk Your 510(K)

The FDA Pre-Submission process is one the most effective tools out there to de-risk your 510(k) yet it is often both under-utilized and used improperly.

The Pre-Sub allows for device manufacture to discuss and get feedback directly from FDA on both their product development and regulatory strategy.

When used properly the Pre-Sub process can result in significant time savings to market - however when used improperly or ignored all together, this can easily result in unnecessary delays and wasted money.

Join us for this free 90 minute webinar co-presented by David Amor, a leading medical device QA/RA expert, and Jon Speer, founder and VP of QA/RA at, where the two will show you how to prepare and make the most of your Pre-Sub and also walk you through a step-by-step case study of the process.


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Specifically, you will learn:
      • What is a Pre-Sub and why it is so important
      • How to prepare and get the most out of your Pre-Sub
      • The exact Pre-Sub timeline of events
      • An example of the contents to include and how to format your Pre-Sub
      • What you should do after your Pre-Sub
      • A step-by-step case study example of the Pre-Sub process
Who Should Attend?
      • Medical Device Executives
      • Regulatory Affairs Professionals and Management
      • Quality Professionals and Management
      • Clinical Affairs Professionals and Management 
      • R&D Engineers and Management

Hosted by

Presenter: David Amor

Medical Device QA/RA Expert

Moderator: JON SPEER

Founder & VP QA/RA, Greenlight Guru


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