Integrating Cloud & Modern Computing Technologies into the Operation of Your Medical Device

From AI/ML to smartphones to cloud computing to web services, MedTech faces a growing imperative to leverage modern software technologies to support the core functions of regulated medical devices.

The vendors creating and operating these new technologies have an admirable focus and impressive track records on continuous improvement. But their relentless updating of their technologies isn't compatible with MedTech’s traditional approaches to regulated change management.

We can no longer ignore this uncomfortable truth. Instead, we need to adapt to a new set of architectural approaches, best practices, and systems thinking that embrace a more modern approach to device safety and the meaning of the validated state.

Register for this free, in-depth webinar presented by Randy Horton, VP of Solutions and Partnerships at Orthogonal to engage in an interactive discussion and debate on integrating cloud and other modern computing technologies into the operation of medical devices and what cloud computing can teach us about the future of the validated state.

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Orthogonal Webinar 6-30-22
Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Provide colleagues with an overview of the breadth and depth of the opportunities and challenges facing MedTech as we incorporate the cloud and other modern computing technologies into medical devices.
  • Provide a colleague with an overview of a new, industry-consensus based framework that all stakeholders in our industry (including cloud computing services providers) can use to start thinking about smart approaches to appropriately seizing new technology-enabled opportunities while still responsibly mitigating risks.
  • Start applying the ideas and guidance presented in this webinar to their own work in MedTech.
Who Should Attend?
  • MedTech leaders and seasoned professionals developing software for regulated medical devices in the following roles:
    • C-Suite
    • Product Design
    • Software Engineering
    • Data Science
    • Quality/Regulatory
    • Product Management
    • Customer/Patient Support
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Hosted by

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Presenter: Randy Horton

VP of Solutions and Partnerships, Orthogonal

Moderator: Etienne Nichols

Medical Device Guru & Community Manager, Greenlight Guru

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