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UX for Medical Devices: Designing for the Evolving Environment of Technology, Safety, Regulation and Recalls

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Did you know that more than 13 of medical device incident reports involve user error?

And that more than 50% of the recalls due to design problems can be traced to the design of the user interface?

Intuitive, well-designed medical device user interfaces are essential to life safety. Poor device usability can cause harm and lead to device recalls.

Fortunately, UX design can mitigate human error while reducing both recalls and product development costs.

Specifically this webinar will cover: 

  • The role of poor design in medical errors 
  • The priority of safety in design for medical devices
  • The benefits of UX design for medical device software
  • Relevant international standards and FDA regulations 
  • Software design as a cause of device recalls 
  • The emergence of software as a medical device (SaMD)
  • Q&A Session

Who should attend?

  • Medical Device Executives
  • Product Development Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals
  • UX Designers


 Rex photo-1

Rex Palmer
Principal UX Designer
ICS, Boston UX


 Jesseca round

Jesseca Lyons
Customer Success Expert
Greenlight Guru



About greenlight guru

Greenlight Guru is a modern quality management software platform used by medical device companies in over 25 countries to bring new products to market faster while simplifying regulatory compliance and reducing risk. Being the only industry specific, cloud-based eQMS, Greenlight Guru is easier to implement, easier to use and simply fits medical device processes out-of-the-box allowing companies to innovate faster and be more efficient. Visit our homepage to learn more.




 Expert in both user experience (UX) design and software engineering, Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) blends art and science to create high-impact, often lifesaving, medical devices that are both beautiful and buildable. Using proven processes and proprietary tools, ICS also helps companies like Setra, Ivenix and Mevion reduce costs and redundancies, enhance software performance, manage development complexity, stabilize new-product introductions and navigate key regulatory standards, including ISO 62366 and IEC 62304. Visit their homepage to learn more.