AUGUST 11, 2022

How to Ensure Your State of Affairs for EU MDR is State of the Art

While MDR does not define state of the art, it discusses state of the art in eleven instances. Further, though MEDDEV 2.7.1/4 also does not define the term, the guidance discusses state of the art 39 times. However, ISO 14971:2019 did formally define state of the art.

Register for this free, in-depth webinar, presented by Michelle Lott, Principal and Founder of leanRAQA, where we will discuss how this definition in context of the formal MDR and MEDDEV references impacts Technical Documentation, Risk Analysis, Clinical, and Post Market documentation and further rolls into the definition of standard of care.

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leanRAQA Webinar 8-11-22
Specifically, this webinar will cover:
  • How to decide between building or buying a connectivity solution.
  • Written and implied definitions of state of the art across EU documents
  • Impact of state of the art on all aspects of CE marking documentation
  • Establishment and evolution of standard of care and its impact on CE marking documentation
  • Q&A session
Who should attend?
Anyone pursuing a CE mark or maintaining post market surveillance under MDR
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Presenter: Michelle Lott

Principal and Founder,

Moderator: Etienne Nichols

Medical Device Guru & Community Manager, Greenlight Guru


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