April 25, 2023

How to Show ROI
on Your Clinical Evidence

The regulatory and economic forces are pushing for more emphasis on high quality clinical data.

That means the MedTech industry as a whole needs to undergo a shift in perspective -- clinical data is not just something that can be generated as needed, when needed...

Clinical data is the foundation for the success of a medical device. Many executives and investors still disregard this, or de-prioritize the budget, leaving clinical teams to use analog solutions that are in fact more costly, and at risk for non-compliance.

But how can MedTech specific digital tools contribute to the organization's ROI, and bring not only benefits to the research/clinical department, but to the entire organization?

Join us for this free webinar presented by Jon Bergsteinsson, Greenlight Guru Clinical co-founder, and Autumn Lang, PhD, RAC, Director of Clinical Affairs at VeriSkin Inc. as they discuss value-based procurement and the regulatory focus on high quality clinical data.

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How to Show ROI on Clinical Evidence Webinar 04-25-2023
Specifically, this webinar will help you:
  • Understand why it is vital to take clinical data collection seriously if your company wants to produce a successful device
  • Learn about key findings from research studies comparing EDC/eCRF with paper in terms of business expenses
  • Learn how to show ROI on clinical evidence
  • Understand how MedTech specific digital tools are cost-effective and more advantageous to the entire organization
  • See how to achieve the goals of value-based healthcare
Who should attend? 
  • Medical Device Executives, Investors
  • Clinical Affairs Management and Professionals
  • Regulatory Affairs Management and Professionals
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Hosted by

Jón Ingi Bergsteinsson headshot

Co-founder & leading MedTech voice,
Greenlight Guru Clinical

autumn lang headshot webinar

Director of Clinical Affairs,
VeriSkin Inc.

Laura Court

Solutions Engineer,
Greenlight Guru


About Greenlight Guru

Greenlight Guru is the leading connected, cloud-based platform purpose-built for MedTech companies. The end-to-end solution streamlines product development, quality management, and clinical data management by integrating cross-functional teams, processes, and data throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Greenlight Guru’s platform is used by organizations across the globe that are replacing their disjointed, legacy tools and solutions to bring life-changing products to people faster and with less risk.

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About Greenlight Guru Clinical

Greenlight Guru Clinical is the leading clinical data collection toolbox, purposefully built for MedTech. Collect and manage clinical data in pre and post-market clinical studies, including registries, cohorts, surveys, human factor testing, design validation, and more. Greenlight Guru Clinical meets the regulatory requirements of the FDA, EU, and most other countries, and ensures compliance out-of-the-box with GCP and ISO 14155:2020.

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About VeriSkin Inc.

Veriskin is a medical device and technology company dedicated to facilitating and improving skin cancer screening accuracy. They have developed a non-invasive, low-cost, hand-held device that helps non-expert users rapidly and objectively determine whether a suspect skin lesion is cancerous.

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