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Effective Medical Device Product Development Project Management

(And How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls)

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Efficient and effective project management is a critical function of successful medical device new product development, regardless the size of your company.

However most organizations struggle with project management, and the results can be devastating. Deadlines get pushed back, scope creep sets in, and budgets balloon out of control.

By better understanding the development process, the project phases and regulations, project managers are able to plan and execute more effectively.

Join us for this free, 60 minute webinar where you will learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls in medical device project management and ensure your device makes it to market on time and on budget.


  • How to use probability in communication to manage expectations and make better decisions

  • How to combine the best of both worlds: Agile/scrum and waterfall model

  • The most efficient ways to set up document control in a product development project

  • Why we speak about the future as if we could predict it

  • How you should visualize project management 

  • What role risk management should play in project management

who should attend?

  • Project Managers and Leaders

  • Product Development Engineers 

  • Product Managers 

  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals 

  • Quality Professionals 


about the presenters:

This webinar is being lead by Peter Sebelius, CEO of Gantus, a medical device company training provider. Peter is a certified PM and was previously CEO of VivoLine Medical, a company listed on the Nasdaq First North. He is also a member of the joint working groups on ISO 13485 and ISO 14971.

This webinar is being moderated by Jon Speer, founder and VP of QA/RA at greenlight.guru. Jon is a medical device industry veteran with over 17+ years experience, has helped bring over 40 products to market in his career and is an expert at medical device quality system implementations.




CEO & Consultant
Gantus AB


Founder & VP QA/RA
Greenlight Guru


About greenlight guru

Greenlight Guru's beautifully simple Quality Management Software helps medical device companies bring devices to market faster while reducing risk and ensuring compliance.  



About Gantus

Gantus is a training provider for medical device companies working in product development. They are currently offering courses on project management, design control, quality management and risk management.