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Greenlight Guru Visualize

Experience a New Way To Achieve Closed-Loop Traceability

When MedTech professionals rely on disconnected systems and memories, problems arise. Things get missed and fall through the cracks. Greenlight Guru provides a new way for you to build, see, and achieve closed-loop traceability.

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800+ Leading Medical Device Companies Implement Their Quality Culture Using Our QMS Software


Leave Disconnected Data In The Past

For decades, quality systems haven't been as traceable as they could be. MedTech professionals have been forced to choose between disconnected systems and paper-based notes. But what if you could see relationships in your quality system, streamline the creation and navigation of traceability, and eliminate human error?

Now you can.


See Your Quality System Like
Never Before

Greenlight Guru's Visualize makes day-to-day QMS engagements more efficient by using a map to trace, navigate, and investigate related product and quality information. Make connections and understand relationships in your QMS — all in a single network view.

Achieve Full-System Traceability Without the Effort

Let machine learning and natural language processing step in to create links and build traceability automatically. Reduce the risk of missing a key element or relationship in your quality system.

Uncover Connections Between Your Data

Unlock the ability to see behind the scenes of a project or quality event. Easily communicate the relationships of those events while keeping track of details and trending quality information.

Easily Navigate Your Quality System

Greenlight Guru’s Visualize increases visibility by letting you see and interact with your quality system in a single centralized view.

Drive a Positive Audit Experience

Be audit ready at a moment’s notice with necessary information at your fingertips. Have confidence in the data you are presenting to auditors and stay one step ahead with the ability to see what they will want to investigate next.

Traceability Shouldn’t
Feel Impossible

Demystify closed-loop traceability with a completely new way of
visualizing your quality system.

Designed With Your Entire Organization in Mind

Benefits for Teams

Visualize your quality system like never before.

For Product Development Teams

See into your device design

  • See how design controls and risk items are interconnected across projects
  • See shared specifications across components while gaining insight into manufacturing or supplier issues
Designed With Your Entire Organization in Mind

Benefits for Teams

Visualize your quality system like never before.

For Quality Teams

  • Quickly reference information for an audit
  • Uncover dependencies, connections, and quality trends
  • Demonstrate the cause and effect relationship of quality events

For Executive Teams

  • Prepare for large regulatory approvals and expand business ventures with confidence
  • Enhance collaboration between quality and product development teams
  • Empower your teams with a visual, easy-to-use solution

What Would You See in Your Quality System?

Visualize the closed-loop traceability of your quality system by understanding, interacting, and seeing the connectedness of your data.

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$ 125 k

saved on average per project


months faster to market


hours saved on low value-added activities