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Greenlight Guru Visualize

Demystify closed-loop traceability with a completely new way of visualizing your quality system.

See it in Action


Visualize the connectedness of your QMS. Unlock the ability to see behind the scenes of a project or quality event, while filtering and layering the information most relevant to you.

Visualize helps you better comprehend and communicate relationships while keeping track of the details and trending quality information.

Easily navigate through the depths of your quality information

Save time navigating through your quality system. Visualize increases the visibility of your quality system by letting you truly see and interact with your quality system in a centralized view.

Identifying and searching for related documents and other items within your quality system is now a simplified process for you and your team.

Understand the impact of any change

Capitalize on change. Reduce the risk of missing a key element of a change with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Avoid cumbersome rework by easily seeing what elements are impacted and what needs to be updated in a single view.

GG-Traceability-illustrationAsset 2 (1)

Efficiently navigate through your documents

  1. Open your SOP document
  2. See the created and inferred connections to other related items
  3. Drill further into where additional documents are used to achieve closed-loop traceability

Understand the downstream impact of a change

  1. Open a recent change order

  2. Access the findings that initiated the change order

  3. See the linked items and what items will require updates

Complete your change order right the first time. 

Gain visibility into your device’s design

  1. Select a design output of your device
  2. Understand the relationship of this output across multiple projects
  3. Reveal any harms linked to this design output or testing and validation documentation

Streamline audit preparation

and be a step ahead of your auditor with the ability to reference information quickly.

  1. Start with the documents and items in your audit plan
  2. Uncover additional documents that need to be included and understood
  3. Reveal other tasks, work instructions, change orders, and previous findings to understand their relationships.