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Partnership Pathways


Our Referral partners act as trusted connectors, introducing medical device companies to Greenlight Guru's MedTech Suite. Once a connection is made, our team guides these companies through every step of their solution discovery journey to find the right answer and make the right decision. We make sure every referral feels valued and catered to from the first introduction and throughout their journey.


Our Cosell partners team up with Greenlight Guru to introduce medical device companies to an array of offerings which our organizations collectively provide. Cosell partners layer in their own solutions alongside the Greenlight Guru MedTech Suite. The outcome is a harmonized experience, ensuring benefit from a comprehensive view of the solutions that fit their needs.


Our Resell and Managed Services partners are empowered to present their medical device companies with Greenlight Guru’s software, enhanced by their own offering, as one purpose built package. Together, we aim to enable customers to strategize, develop, launch, and manage their medical device products, leveraging the most effective MedTech Suite in the industry.


Partnering Drives Competitive Advantage

MedTech teams are the heart of innovation. Equipping them with the ideal blend of expertise, services, and tools not only accelerates their journey to market but also ensures sustained success post-launch.

Joining forces with Greenlight Guru amplifies the advantage, presenting an unparalleled combined offering for medical device companies across all partnership pathways.

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Accelerate your Business and Grow as a Greenlight Guru Solution Partner

Every medical device and technology has unique requirements. Getting to market the right way is critical. The work is too important, which is why Greenlight Guru and expert-managed services is a winning combination.

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