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HEMEX Leverages Greenlight Guru Clinical to Help Clients Collect High-Quality Clinical Data More Efficiently

The contract research organization (CRO) chose Greenlight Guru Clinical for its ease of use and time-saving features, and is now a member of the Greenlight Guru Partner Program.

The Challenge

HEMEX needed an electronic data capture (EDC) system to help their clients improve clinical data collection and management and adhere to study timelines.

The Solution

HEMEX chose Greenlight Guru Clinical for its extensive data collection and management capabilities, coupled with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

The Results

Data collection has become more accurate and efficient, and HEMEX has seen better adherence to study timelines and significant time and resources saved in operations since they began using Greenlight Guru Clinical.


Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Founded: 2011

Company Size: 10-50 employees

Headquarters: Switzerland

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HEMEX is a global CRO with expertise in regulatory affairs and quality management. The HEMEX team is committed to helping their clients complete clinical trials faster by providing them with innovative ideas, flexibility, and guidance. HEMEX works with MedTech companies developing devices of all risk classes, helping them to carry out feasibility, pivotal, and post-market studies throughout the product lifecycle.

The company has extensive expertise in clinical trial operations and helps its clients get the clinical data they need to introduce cutting-edge technology that upholds the highest standards of quality. Their goal is to help the next generation of innovative MedTech and pharmaceutical companies grow into successful and sustainable businesses—driving change in both human and animal healthcare. 

HEMEX is also a member of the Greenlight Guru Partner Program, offering their services alongside Greenlight Guru Clinical to help MedTech companies with the industry expertise, project management, risk mitigation, and trial conduct oversight that a CRO like HEMEX provides. Since becoming a partner, HEMEX and Greenlight Guru have worked together on joint business development opportunities for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

If your CRO is interested in a partnership with Greenlight Guru, you can learn more about our CRO partnerships here.

The Challenge: Difficult data collection and lack of standardization

The HEMEX team works with companies across a range of therapeutic areas and medical device classes, helping them carry out both pre-market and post-market clinical studies. 

Before using Greenlight Guru Clinical, the HEMEX team noticed that their clients were struggling with data management and record-keeping during clinical trials. Processes were often inconsistent and inefficient, leading to longer study timelines and less accurate data collection. They also noticed that these challenges typically had a common cause—the use of paper and Excel spreadsheets for collecting and managing clinical data. 

The HEMEX team knew that overcoming these challenges would require a standardized, modern, and user-friendly EDC system that clients could quickly learn and use to streamline clinical data collection. 

“Our key priorities were a user-friendly and intuitive interface, swift form creation capabilities, and the ability to export data in various formats,” said Lucie Pribylova, Commercial Operations at HEMEX. 

The Solution: Greenlight Guru Clinical’s standardized, compliant EDC system

The HEMEX team looked at several other EDC systems, but in the end, they made the easy decision to go with Greenlight Guru Clinical.hemex testimonial pop 1HEMEX also found the level of customer service and attention to onboarding and training details to be a key point in favor of Greenlight Guru Clinical. 

“Initiating the use of Greenlight Guru Clinical was a straightforward process,” said Pop. “The platform has a clean and intuitive design and there were well-documented resources that facilitated the onboarding experience. On top of that, the Greenlight Guru Clinical team was always easy to reach and responded quickly when we had questions.”

The Results: Faster study timelines and more accurate data collection

Greenlight Guru Clinical has quickly made an impact on HEMEX and their clients. The team is currently using Greenlight Guru Clinical for clinical studies of class IIa and class III devices, in both the premarket and post-market stages.

Saving time and resources

Greenlight Guru Clinical has helped the HEMEX team solve one of the biggest challenges they had when clients used paper or Excel: inefficient and inconsistent processes.hemex testimonial 1One of the team’s favorite time-saving features in Greenlight Guru Clinical is the option to reuse template forms when creating new studies. “That functionality significantly simplifies and expedites the study building process, which makes it easier to stay consistent and streamline our workflows,” said Pop.

Meeting study timelines

By increasing efficiency and reducing the potential for human error, Greenlight Guru Clinical has helped HEMEX and their clients adhere to study timelines and meet milestones.

hemex testimonial pop 2

More accurate and efficient data collection

The HEMEX team has also noticed that using Greenlight Guru Clinical has led to significant improvements in both the speed and accuracy of their data collection. 

“We’ve seen positive trends in survey fill-out rates, as well as strong user engagement and satisfaction with the system,” said Pop. “And the incorporation of showcasing and validation rules really simplified the data validation process for us.”

Overall, the HEMEX team feels strongly that they made the right choice going with Greenlight Guru Clinical. 

hemex testimonial 2What’s next for HEMEX?

As part of the Greenlight Guru Partner Program, HEMEX will continue to use Greenlight Guru Clinical as a competitive advantage to grow their business and assist their clients in getting cutting-edge products to market to improve the quality of life for patients around the world.

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