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AI-Powered Chat for MedTech

It's easy to be overwhelmed by information - especially in the medical device industry. While AI tools are emerging, doubts still persist...

We've combined our deep expertise in the medical device industry with the power of AI to create the only chat solution that is specifically trained and tailored for MedTech companies.

Get prompt, trustworthy, and clear information to keep you moving forward.

Meet Your Digital Guru

Trained on MedTech industry regulations, requirements, and best practices, our on-demand Guru provides all the answers you need in one chat experience.

Fast, Reliable Answers

Save time and energy with immediate, accurate answers to all your MedTech and software queries.

Streamlined Industry Insights

Navigate the overwhelming sea of MedTech regulations, standards, and requirements with precise, relevant information instantly.

Empowered Decision-Making

Get trustworthy advice culled from industry standards and Guru-curated best practices, so you can make informed choices with confidence.


Answers for every stage of your journey

Get quick, reliable answers to all of your pressing questions. No more wasted time, energy, or money looking through endless information. 

Ask your Digital Guru questions like...

  • Do I need a DHF for an FDA Class I device?
  • What are the differences between a Quality Plan, Quality Policy, and Quality Manual?
  • Do GMP exempt devices need UDI or can they use a simple homemade Manufacturers Part Number instead?
  • Do I need to notify regulatory bodies when I start using an electronic quality management system?

Be among the first to experience MedTech expertise at your fingertips.

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Questions & Answers

When will the product be available?

The product is expected to become available for Greenlight Guru customers in early 2024.

What happens once I sign up for the waitlist?

Signing up for the waitlist will make you eligible to become an early adopter of this new offering. We will have rolling communications with those who have shown interest as we continue to test, share, and develop our technology. 

The sooner you sing up, the sooner you can become eligible for access!

Why is there a waitlist in the first place?

There are a lot of AI-powered products that have not been trained and are not continuously maintained by real humans with deep MedTech expertise. 

We want to roll our product out slowly at the right pace to get enough feedback from customers on the output quality before it is released in general availability. 

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