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Created by industry professionals, Greenlight Guru Academy courses provide tangible takeaways for any individual looking to level up their medical device knowledge.

EU IVDR 2017 746 Practitioner

This EU IVDR 2017 746 Practitioner Course provides an in-depth foundation on ...

Effective Post-market Surveillance in the EU under MDR

Check out this engaging discussion if you are looking to know more about how ...

Challenges with Applying Risk Management Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Every medical device developer has to understand risk management. You could ...

How to Predict Medical Device Recalls using Publicly Available Data

A session by Mohammed (Bilash) Hossain and John Lorenc of Reed Tech

The Basics of Cybersecurity for Medical Device Manufacturers

Why is cybersecurity such a hot topic in MedTech spaces right now? Learn the ...

From Concept to Commercialization

So you have an idea for a medical device...what now? This course gives a quick ...

How to Maintain a QMS Compliant to MDR & IVDR

Your QMS should be your source of truth, but what happens when the requirements ...

Everyone Knows: Training Management [Customer Panel]

Finding the time to migrate your current training system to GG and the benefits ...

How to Prepare for Common MDR Audit Pitfalls

A session by Bassil Akra, CEO and Co-Owner, QUNIQUE GmbH

Introduction to the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745

Learn about the European regulation for medical devices, MDR, and how to ...

Key Milestones: How to Know When You're Ready for Your Next Round of Funding

A session by David Cassak and Casey McGlynn of Medtech Strategist and WSGR

Nonconformance Report Template

Use this template to document nonconformance in your QMS.

Lessons Learned: MedTech Executives on the Fundraising Process

Join this experience-packed panel as they discuss medical device fundraising ...

Overview of CAPA

The CAPA process is almost always a topic of audits and inspections and ...

Key Trends Shaping the Future of Medtech Innovation & Investment

A session by Paul Grand and Glenn Snyder from Medtech Innovator and Deloitte

The Definitive Guide to Responding to FDA 483 and Warning Letters

This guide will go into great detail regarding exactly how to respond to FDA ...

The Ultimate Guide to Document Control for Medical Device Companies

This in-depth guide will take a deep dive into the problems that tend to ...

The Who, What, and When of IVDR Enforcement

A session by Joanne Lebrun, Vice President at MDC Associates Inc.

Overview of Nonconformance

This course will help you understand what nonconformance means in the medical ...

Quality Spotlight: Trials & Triumphs of Complaint Handling

Complaints are a crucial part of every medical device's lifecycle. Join this ...

Introduction to Quality System Requirements in the USA and 21 CFR Part 820

In this course, we will discuss what a quality management system is and the ...

ISO 13485 (2016) Internal Auditor Training

Our Online ISO 13485 Internal Auditor Training Course is ideal for anyone that ...

Europe's First Device Regulations: A Look Into Manufacturers' Response to the Delay, Transition, & Implementation Process

Jon Speer, Founder of Greenlight Guru, will dive into key data and findings ...

3 Keys to Successful Internal Audits

Gurus Taylor Brown and Sara Adams discuss their top 3 ways to have better ...

ISO 9001 (2015) Foundations Training

Our Online ISO 9001 Foundation eLearning is ideal for anyone looking to gain a ...

How to Apply Risk Management Throughout the Product Lifecycle of your Medical Device

A session by Mike Baca, President at White Rook Consulting

A Complete Guide to Bringing a Medical Device to Market

A complete guide for medical device manufacturers looking for guidance on how ...

Documenting Risk Management to Meet Requirements of ISO 14971:2019

A session by Edwin Bills, Consultant

Audit Basics

Learn the difference between audits, inspections, and the different types of ...

CAPA Report Template for the Medical Device Industry

Use this template to complete your CAPA reports as a part of your QMS

15 Steps to Creating a Risk-Based CAPA Process

This PDF and infographic will have you implementing risk in your CAPA process ...

Change Management and Risk Management: How do we connect the dots and what happens if we don't?

Change management and risk management should work together, but it does take ...

Developing a New Clinically Relevant ICU Ventilator Fast

A session by John Walmsley, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Starfish Medical

Customer Feedback and Complaint Form Template

Use this template to document customer feedback and complaints in your QMS.

Behind the Stats: 2022 Medical Device Product Development & Quality Management Benchmark Survey

Learn more about our annual survey and the results we've seen from this years ...

How to Integrate Risk Management Throughout the Lifecycle of a Medical Device

Join Greenlight Guru Founder, Jon Speer, as he discusses the next decade of ...

Implementing and Maintaining Changes to SaMD Under MDR

This session will cover the outline of MDR requirements for SaMD, including ...

Introduction to Project Management for Product Development of Medical Devices

This is a online course that provides a high-level overview as well as hands-on ...

How to Prepare for and Drive Successful Audits with Greenlight Guru

This webinar highlights one of the greatest value-add features of the ...

MDR Date of Application Roundup: The New Landscape for Medical Device Manufacturers

A session by Evangeline Loh, VP of Regulatory Affairs at Emergo by UL

Introduction to Risk Management for Medical Devices and ISO 14971

Learn how to effectively apply risk management principles for medical devices ...

Implementation of the Risk Management Board for New Product Introduction and Post Market Surveillance

A session by Mike Baca, President at White Rook Consulting

Managing Changes to Medical Device QMS

This white paper provides an overview into some of the major changes happening ...

ISO 14971 Risk Management for Medical Devices

Use this guide to align with the latest version of ISO 14971 and to learn ...

Tips for Working with Contract Manufacturing

A session by Eddie Ray, Chief Revenue Officer at Kapstone Medical

The Definitive Guide to Change Management for Medical Devices

This guide will detail the change management best practices that medical device ...

Raising Capital for Medical Device Startups

This course offers an in depth look at the state of medical device funding in ...

Ultimate Guide to 21 CFR Part 820 - FDA's Quality System Regulation for Medical Devices

Join Medical Device Guru Taylor Brown for a discussion on the requirements of ...

Training Management in the Medical Device Industry

Learn what the regulations say about training management and how to best ...

The Ultimate Guide to Training Management for Medical Device Companies

This ultimate guide provides an in-depth look at answers to those common ...

The Ultimate Guide to ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System for Medical Devices

In this guide you'll learn about ISO 13485 and why Greenlight Guru founder Jon ...

The Ins and Outs of Supplier Management

Supplier Management has become such an important topic in 2022. Join this panel ...

Supply Chain Management under the MDR, Brexit and Swixit

As a result of the MDR, Brexit and Swixit, manufacturers need to be fully aware ...

Understanding the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP): Pros, Cons, and How to Prepare

A session by Angelina Hakim, Owner and CEO at QUNIQUE Group

The Ultimate Guide to CAPA

This guide will provide you with best practices and ways to improve your CAPA ...

Pre-Market vs. Post Market Risk: What are the similarities and differences?

A session by Mike Drues Ph.D., President at Vascular Sciences

UDI and Device Registration, Another Launch Checkbox

A session by Gary Saner, Sr Mgr of Information Solutions at Reed Tech

Remote audits

This course will cover remote audits, virtual Inspections, and other ...

Protecting your Data from Risk: To, From, and In the Cloud

A session by Chris DuPont, CEO at Galen Data

Nonconformance Management in Greenlight Guru

How to utilize the Nonconformance workspace within Greenlight Guru.

Product (BOM) Management in Greenlight Guru

Managing Products, Product Families, and Bills of Material within Greenlight ...

An Overview of Product Management in Greenlight Guru

Managing Products, Product Families, and Bills of Material within Greenlight ...

Introduction to Quality Management for Medical Devices and ISO 13485

Learn about quality management and the requirements of ISO 13485 during this ...

EU MDR 2017 745 Practitioner Training

Our Online EU MDR 2017 745 Training Course can take you through the new ...

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Who is a Greenlight Guru Academy Advance membership for?

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  • Check Success paths and badges
  • Check VIP community room
  • Check Members-only events
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Greenlight Guru Academy for?

Greenlight Guru Academy is open to all individuals interested or pursuing a career in the medical device industry.

Our courses and certifications are geared toward product development, quality, and regulatory professionals that want to enhance their knowledge and stay up-to-date with industry regulations by earning the credentials that drive growth and success.

As Greenlight Guru’s official learning resource, Greenlight Guru Academy also aims to educate users on the Greenlight Guru software platform, so they can design, develop and market safe and effective medical devices — but is not exclusive to Greenlight Guru customers.

How do I enroll in Greenlight Guru Academy?

Get started in Greenlight Guru Academy in 3 easy steps:
  1. Go to www.academy.greenlight.guru
  2. Use code: EXPLORE_ENGAGE_EDUCATE to enroll for free
  3. Create your free account

Once you are in you will be able to personalize your account, take a tour of Greenlight Guru Academy, and enroll in your first course!

When you sign up for Greenlight Guru Academy, you get access to online education resources, flexible courses, and certifications to help you improve your industry knowledge and grow your business.

Many of our courses are free and available on-demand, but premium content and certifications are available for purchase.

Who teaches the courses?

Our content is created and delivered by experts in and outside of Greenlight Guru. Our internal Guru team compiles their years of experience and knowledge to curate courses that guide you through the basics and best practices for operating in the medical device industry.

We also work with our extensive partner network to bring you the latest and most relevant content in the industry.

How can I provide feedback or suggest new courses?

Reach out to us! If you have feedback or course suggestions, complete the form that appears when you finish a course or reply to our email. We are always studying new material to cover that will help you excel at your job and continue to bring life-changing medical devices to market.

Why should I earn and show off my Greenlight Guru badges and certifications?

Being a Greenlight Guru certified professional is something to be proud of! Greenlight Guru Academy badges and certifications are unique, verifiable credentials that validate your knowledge of the Greenlight Guru Platform and medical device industry topics and regulations.

Earn it and share it with the world to advance your career and grow your business!

My company uses Greenlight Guru. Can we add GGA Advance subscriptions to our existing contract?

You can! Contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss options and discounts available.