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Greenlight Guru Academy Comprehensive Training for MedTech

Success in MedTech Relies on Deep Knowledge of Strict, Complex Processes.

You shouldn't be left alone with Google to figure it out yourself. 

Greenlight Guru Academy offers comprehensive training at every stage of your career; whether you're a product engineer or a QA/RA professional.

Access over 360 pieces of content, 16 certification courses, and exclusive Advance Membership training — all taught by leading industry veterans.

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No matter where you're starting from or where you want to get to, Greenlight Guru Academy has a learning path for you.

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Browse our most popular training content. All of our content is updated regularly to keep up with the fast-paced world of MedTech — so you can, too.

What is a Medical Device?

What actually counts as a medical device? Are there different types of medical devices? How do I begin to know what my regulatory path will be? Get the answers to these questions and more in this course!

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An Overview of Risk Management

Learn more about risk management for medical devices. 

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An Overview of Design Controls

What are Design Controls? What do the various regulations require in regards to Design Controls? These answers and more are available in this course.

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Training Management in the Medical Device Industry

Learn what the regulations say about training management and how to best implement it into your QMS in this overview course.

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Audit Basics

Learn the difference between audits, inspections, and the different types of each that you may encounter in the medical device industry.

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Essentials of Software as a Medical Device

With software being a growing industry, in general, it is no surprise that this popularity is making its way to medical devices. This course will give a quick overview of what we mean as Software as a Medical Device, as well as what the regulations say about it. 

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Standards and Pathways to the USA Medical Device Market

Anyone looking to launch a medical device in the United States market should be familiar with the FDA and the regulations they use. This course will give you a look at the regulations themselves and a little history on the FDA and how it came to be. 

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FDA 510(k) Overview

Get to know this common FDA clearance path and understand when you'll need to use it.

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Standards and Pathways to the EU Medical Device Market

There have been many changes to the process of bringing a medical device to market in the EU. This course will highlight a bit of history as well as best practices for the current state of the EU MDR. 

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From Concept to Commercialization

So you have an idea for a medical device...what now? This course gives a quick overview of the process of developing a medical device and offers a few practical examples from our experiences in the industry. 

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The Risk Management Process and ISO 14971

This course will describe the role of risk management in the industry, explain the framework of the risk process, and define many key terms that you'll need to know. 

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All that amazing, exclusive content we just mentioned in the Advance membership, plus two premium certifications of your choice. Users who bundle certifications save an average of $250 over buying them individually without a membership!
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For the medical device professional who refuses to be held back, this plan provides you with the most learning opportunities in Greenlight Guru Academy. That's everything in the Advance membership + 5 credits to use on your choice of any of our Premium Courses ($3,000 value)! How much learning can you fit into 12 months? Let's find out!
  • Check 300+ pieces of content
  • Check Success paths and badges
  • Check Members-only events
  • Check Templates, checklists, and guides
  • Check 5 premium certifications included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Greenlight Guru Academy for?

Greenlight Guru Academy is open to all individuals interested or pursuing a career in the medical device industry.

Our courses and certifications are geared toward product development, quality, and regulatory professionals that want to enhance their knowledge and stay up-to-date with industry regulations by earning the credentials that drive growth and success.

As Greenlight Guru’s official learning resource, Greenlight Guru Academy also aims to educate users on the Greenlight Guru software platform, so they can design, develop and market safe and effective medical devices — but is not exclusive to Greenlight Guru customers.

How do I enroll in Greenlight Guru Academy?

Get started in Greenlight Guru Academy in 3 easy steps:
  1. Go to www.academy.greenlight.guru
  2. Use code: EXPLORE_ENGAGE_EDUCATE to enroll for free
  3. Create your free account

Once you are in you will be able to personalize your account, take a tour of Greenlight Guru Academy, and enroll in your first course!

When you sign up for Greenlight Guru Academy, you get access to online education resources, flexible courses, and certifications to help you improve your industry knowledge and grow your business.

Many of our courses are free and available on-demand, but premium content and certifications are available for purchase.

Who teaches the courses?

Our content is created and delivered by experts in and outside of Greenlight Guru. Our internal Guru team compiles their years of experience and knowledge to curate courses that guide you through the basics and best practices for operating in the medical device industry.

We also work with our extensive partner network to bring you the latest and most relevant content in the industry.

How can I provide feedback or suggest new courses?

Reach out to us! If you have feedback or course suggestions, complete the form that appears when you finish a course or reply to our email. We are always studying new material to cover that will help you excel at your job and continue to bring life-changing medical devices to market.

Why should I earn and show off my Greenlight Guru badges and certifications?

Being a Greenlight Guru certified professional is something to be proud of! Greenlight Guru Academy badges and certifications are unique, verifiable credentials that validate your knowledge of the Greenlight Guru Platform and medical device industry topics and regulations.

Earn it and share it with the world to advance your career and grow your business!

My company uses Greenlight Guru. Can we add GGA Advance subscriptions to our existing contract?

You can! Contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss options and discounts available.

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