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At greenlight.guru, we would like to continue our series on the new breed of medical device companies who are getting more done by working smarter. Newer companies and entrepreneurs can have a lot of insight for all of us on what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s important to the people new to the industry.

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Today we are talking to Alexei Miodinow from Surgical Innovation Associates. He’s on his first journey through the medical device product development process, and today he is going to share some of the stories and challenges that comes along with tackling the process for the first time.

Some of the topics we will discuss today include:

  • Alexei’s background and some information about Surgical Innovation Associates and what they’re working on.
  • What led Alexei to take the step from being a surgeon to becoming a medical device developer and inventor.
  • How Alexei’s approach to solving problems and looking for direction might be different than the typical approach, and his best tips for entrepreneurs who want more than just “the common startup.”
  • Alexei’s thoughts on quality vs Quality when it comes to medical device development and production.
  • One of Alexei’s biggest frustrations (that turned into one of his biggest surprises) about the process of medical device development.
  • What Alexei is hoping to see and accomplish in the future as he continues to work with Surgical Innovation Associates on medical device development. 

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Quotes by Alexei: 

So few people know anything about Quality with an uppercase Q.

Not knowing how to do something is not equivalent to not being able to do it.

What started off as a bureaucratic “check the box” exercise turned into something that guided product development.

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