A Product Roadmap Event

10 Years of Greenlight Guru: Celebrating the Journey
& What’s Ahead

From humble beginnings to serving over 1,100 MedTech companies across the globe.
Join us for a virtual event as we celebrate the success of the last 10 years and provide an exciting view of what’s next for Greenlight Guru.

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How Greenlight Guru is

Moving MedTech Forward

Around the world, medical visionaries are tirelessly working to redefine healthcare. For these innovators, it's vital to have tools that simplify complexities and accelerate progress.

Ten years ago, we started with a vision: to revolutionize the MedTech industry. Today, we're inviting you to celebrate the progress made and our community of over 1,100 companies that are improving the quality of life across the globe. 

What to Expect

Come dream bigger with us.

Celebration of 10 Years

Revisit our journey from a startup to a global leader, and celebrate the accomplishments that make Greenlight Guru a trusted partner in MedTech.

Introducing the MedTech Suite

Discover the enhancements and solutions that are tailored for MedTech professionals.

Product Roadmap Preview

Get a look at our product roadmap which includes enhancements to our training management workspace, new APIs, an improved user experience, a new clinical data reporting module, and more.

Investing in AI

Learn how we are integrating AI and bringing layers of automation, intelligence, and data into our solutions.

Ten years in the making, endless possibilities ahead.

Witness the next wave of innovation at Greenlight Guru and join us on the journey of moving MedTech forward.

Your Speakers

Tyler Foxworthy

Chief Data Scientist
Greenlight Guru

Jesseca Lyons

Operations & Enablement Guru
Greenlight Guru

Páll Jóhannesson

Managing Director, Greenlight Guru Clinical
Greenlight Guru

Aaron Lucas

Director, Education Services
Greenlight Guru

Etienne Nichols

Medical Device Guru & Event Moderator

Greenlight Guru

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