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As an Affiliate, you can...

  • Get started today. No contracts or onboarding calls necessary.
  • Go at your own pace… Refer as often as you want.
  • Deal with 1 person, yourself.  You’re in control.
  • Recommend any eQMS you want with no commitment.
  • Get full visibility into your customer’s experience with Greenlight Guru.
  • Share 1 simple link.  We take care of the rest.


So your clients can...

  • Request a demo today.  Shorten their sales process.
  • Go at their own pace…Request a demo when ready.
  • Work with a team that works exclusively with consultants.
  • Get their medical device to market faster with less risk.
  • Learn how we work with consultants like you to enhance their experience with Greenlight Guru.
  • Complete 1 simple form.  We take care of the rest.


Complete more client projects remotely,
in less time, without travel. Identify yourself
as a forward-thinking consulting firm focused
on client success.


Increase client retention and reduce your 
stalled billable projects by introducing
them to a modern, automated eQMS to
streamline their go-to-market strategy.


Earn a new revenue stream for simply
sharing the content that you are already
reading.  Help your audience get to
market faster with less risk.

How does it work?

When you join the affiliate program, you'll receive a unique referral link you can use to drive traffic to our software page. We will also provide unique links to our incredible content & events (such as webinars & virtual summits).  

Just 3 Simple Steps To Begin

Join Today

It's free and easy to become a member.  No contracts.  No sales pitch.  No commitments to sign.

Share Your Link

Drive traffic to our site. Your unique URL cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link.

Start Benefiting

We begin tracking the moment your visitor hits our website and instantly assign you as the lead owner.

By simply sharing a link to our medical device content, you maintain your role as an educator, not an eQMS salesman.  If this sounds like the program for you, we encourage you to:





Simplified & Unlimited Commissions

You receive generous commissions for simply recommending our industry-leading platform.  Earn $50 for every contact that requests a demo and becomes a qualified sales lead. 

Then earn an extra $500 when that qualified sales lead becomes a Greenlight Guru customer!



Free Marketing Assets To Share 

Join forces with the #1 Medical Device QMS platform and the #1 marketing engine in the industry.

We provide you with promotional materials including content, social banners, videos, and email copy to help you promote.

QE Automation


Clear & Timely Reporting

Because doing this little extra work on your side is pointless unless we can provide data that it is saving your clients time and making you a little extra revenue, right?

You get full access to all of your referral statistics in an intuitive portal and direct messaging from our team so you are always up to date on how much you’re earning.

Full Partnership Growth Potential

Are you a new medical device consultant?

Looking to grow your business by adding Greenlight Guru services revenue?  This program helps you fast track your way into our formal partnership program with co-marketing and added revenue benefits.

Partner Guru Certified
  • Revenue Share (% based commission)
  • Onboarding & template discounts
  • Product & sales training
  • Greenlight Guru help center
  • Co-marketing & co-selling

Are there any joining fees?

There is no such requirement to join, though there may be some standard 3rd-party service fees to withdraw funds.

Who can I promote to?

Who do you know that is in working tirelessly to get a medical device product to market, to stay in the market, or expand into new markets?

How do I track progress?

We are using a platform called PartnerStack, which helps give you the tools and resources you need to promote our product, and reward you for it!

What is a qualified lead?

We have three simple requirements.  1) Are they a medical device company? 2) Do they have less than 1,000 employees?  3) They attend a meeting with our team.

How much can I earn?

There’s no cap on earnings. The more accounts you refer, the more you earn. You get $5 for every qualified lead that becomes a sales opportunity then $500 when they become a new Greenlight Guru customer.

How do I get paid?

At the end of each month, your rewards are calculated and available for cash-out via PayPal or Stripe (alternative methods available for non-PayPal regions)