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Predict the Impact of Change.

Change is inevitable. With Intelligent Document Management, elevated risk is not.

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Today, identifying documents impacted by a proposed change order is opaque and rife with human error.

say it takes a week or longer to run a change impact analysis.

say they need enhanced visibility into risk controls.

leverage traceability with change management.

Source: Greenlight Guru | 2021 State of Medical Device Quality Management & Product Development Benchmark Survey


Intelligent Document Management leverages AI and machine learning to identify documents, product development artifacts, and quality events impacted by a change.

Bring together cross-functional information to provide seamless visibility and traceability.



See a curated list of recommended documents, artifacts and quality events to assess the impact of a change.



Understand the connectivity and context of the recommendations and actions to take based on a change.




greenligh-guru-Halo-Symbol AI-Powered Recommendations that mitigate risk and improve quality.
Filter the signal from the noise: Know what you really need to pay attention to.
Eliminate wasteful spend on recalls.
Reduce the silos – embrace cross-functionality of different disciplines.
Reduce the risk of human error and avoid rework in making an update or executing a change with Machine Learning powered connections.
greenligh-guru-Halo-Symbol Imagine real-time visibility into the impact of changes.
See downstream impacts of a change, the required updates, and recurring trends in your quality data in minutes.
Eliminate time spent chasing down people and information to make decisions.
Get the information to understand the impact of a change the moment you need it.

Halo by Greenlight Guru is the world’s first AI and machine learning recommendation engine. It was designed for product teams, quality teams, and executive teams at medical device companies.

Halo for Product Teams

See the downstream connections between documents, design controls, risk items, and more.

Spend more time designing products and less time on paperwork.

Understand the holistic impact of proposed changes on your product in real time.

Halo for Quality Teams

Prove traceability in your QMS when an audit happens.

Focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending hours on manual lists.

Use your data to make informed quality decisions.

Halo for Executive Teams

Approach audits informed and confident.

Get in front of issues before they happen so you can hit aggressive product development deadlines.

Utilize your team resources on important, value-added areas rather than reactive paperwork and rework.

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See how AI and Machine Learning can transform your document and change management processes.

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