Creating a Culture of Quality for Medical Device Companies

June 21, 2019

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Is creating a culture of quality a top priority at your MedTech company? But you’re not sure how or when to start?

Today’s guest is Devon Campbell, founder of Prodct LLC, a MedTech company helping to establish and implement holistic, efficient, and practical product development and manufacturing strategies.

In this episode, Devon shares valuable insight with listeners on the topic of quality culture within companies. His proven approach is helping countless medical device professionals achieve success by aligning their systems and processes to meet future goals and objectives.



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Some of the Episode highlights include:

  • When: Sooner than later, start a culture of quality to accelerate clinical/regulatory approval and achieve market success for your company.
  • How: Devon helps companies create a culture of quality by aligning their systems and processes to meet future goals and objectives.
  • Devon works with all staff, teams, and departments involved to better understand challenges and changes with a company’s quality management system (QMS).
  • Culture of Quality: Start small and early on with the end result in mind to address compliance and quality related to product development.
  • Compliance vs. True Quality: Purposefully and consciously develop and deliver a quality product and data to meet the needs of those who benefit from the device.
  • Exciting events and exits are not all about making money by being acquired by companies, but receiving acknowledgement and appreciation from them.
  • NanoView is a perfect example of how to build a culture of quality by going above and beyond, even overboard, by implementing and using a QMS.
  • Document control is more important than you realize. Approach it in a phase-savvy way; pause and push yourself to document early and revise often.



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Memorable Quotes From This Episode:

“It’s a more interesting journey, and it’s better for the product and for the patients, to get out and understand how interconnected everything is.” Devon Campbell

“I know that phrase it a little cliché. Culture is a buzzword these days, and quality is sort of this nebulous thing that people are trying to understand.” Jon Speer

“Focus on quality, right from the very beginning.” Devon Campbell

“You shouldn’t structure your system to be compliant. You should structure your system on the true quality. Compliance will be a natural byproduct of that.” Jon Speer


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