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The Changing Job Market & How it Affects Careers for MedTech Quality Professionals

August 10, 2022

How is the changing job market affecting careers for professionals in MedTech? How can video storytelling strategies and techniques impact talent access?

In this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, Etienne Nichols talks to Joe Mullings, chairman and CEO of the Mullings Group companies, about finding true quality talent and celebrating excellence and hyper-competency to make lives better. 

Joe’s search firm is responsible for more than 8,000 successful searches in the medtech/healthtech/life sciences industry. DragonFly Stories produces attention and awareness campaigns for companies globally through TrueFuture. TMG360 Media utilizes the power of media and outreach in medtech/healthtech to move businesses and health forward.

Listen now:

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Some highlights of this episode include:

  • Quality of Outcome vs. Opportunity: Organizations are realizing that it’s much more expensive to lose and replace a good player rather than retain a good player. The quality and output of an employee’s work matters.

  • Networking should occur when you don’t need it. Be clever, bring value, give and not take, and create a brand around yourself.

  • The workforce and global economy has changed because of the worldwide pandemic. Things are starting to settle down, and it’s time to reset, re-define, and re-evaluate employees’ responses to work and fulfillment.

  • WFX: Where are employees willing and wanting to work—from home, anywhere, or in the office—and how does that affect organizations’ willingness when it comes to compensation, flexibility, and the networking process to retain talent?

  • Two-way communication between workers and employers needs to be created to find balance and reduce friction for healthy relationships. The catalyst for people switching or leaving their jobs is to make more money. However, top performers want to move forward in their career from their own developmental perspective and grow their skills.

  • The non-negotiables of working in the office or not depends on your degree and years of experience. If you’re new, it’s best to work in the office to learn and mimic others. Then, it depends on your job function.

  • The best way to represent yourself in the marketplace is based on your behaviors and how you package yourself when appearing in front of others.


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Memorable quotes from Joe Mullings:

“We are the #1 search firm in the world, first of all, in the medical device/healthtech industry with more than 8,000 successful placements over three decades.”

“Compensation, right now, is also being driven by supply and demand.”

“You’ve got better career choices now, and you’ve also got the ability to live, potentially, a better life.”

“Let’s keep a better balance of power in the workforce instead of it being futile in nature where the companies call all the shots.”

“The digital scales your idiocy as well as your competency equally.”

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