Greenlight Guru and Fearsome together provide medical device specific solutions that accelerate the delivery of life-changing devices.

Greenlight Guru’s MedTech Lifecycle Excellence (MLE) platform coincides with Fearsome’s medical device end-to-end service to help clients with product development, regulatory, and clinical trials.

Greenlight Guru and Fearsome have the same goal and mission: improve the quality of life by helping medical device companies and manufacturers get to market faster with less risk.

Greenlight Guru is the only MedTech Lifecycle Excellence (MLE) platform purpose-built to give medical technology companies an end-to-end software solution to bring life-changing products to people. The platform integrates cross-functional teams, processes, and data throughout the product lifecycle, giving visibility and traceability beyond compliance requirements to proactively overcome execution gaps and achieve excellence.

On the same mission, Fearsome tackles challenges when it comes to developing medical devices and going through extensive validation and regulatory processes. Both Greenlight Guru and Fearsome are disrupting an industry to provide true quality end-to-end service, specifically for the medical device industry.

The partnership presents medical device companies with assurance through clinical and regulatory pathways in creating market-ready medical device products.