November 18, 2021

Raising Capital True Quality Summit Series

Between January and June 2021, over $4 Billion has been invested in private MedTech companies. In many ways, there’s never been a better time to raise capital as a medical device companies. At the same time, it’s also never been more difficult for medical device companies to stand out to investors and earn the attention they need to raise an early round of funding. 

Greenlight Guru's November True Quality Virtual Summit will help you solve this exact problem.


Key Milestones: How to Know When You're Ready for Your Next Round of Funding | David Cassak and Casey McGlynn

SEEDing Biomedical Innovation: Support for Small Businesses at NIH | Stephanie Fertig and Etienne Nichols

Panel: Funding and Go to Market Challenges for FemTech | Brittany Barreto, Heatherly Bucher, Ashlee Francis, Dóra Pelczer and Isabella Schmitt

Key Trends Shaping the Future of Medtech Innovation & Investment | Paul Grand, Jon Norris and Glenn Snyder

Perfecting the Pitch: Fundraising Counsel from Seasoned Early Stage Investors | Lisa Carmel, Anne DeGheest, Allan May, Mary Jo Potter, Jake Prigoff M.D., Brian Smith and Kwame Ulmer

Lessons Learned: MedTech Executives on the Fundraising Process | Patrick Sauvageau, Peeyush Shrivastava, David Uffer and Doug Vincent

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Specifically, this summit series will cover:
  • Actionable insights from Key Opinion Leaders in the Medtech start-up community, from perfecting your pitch to avoiding common pitfalls
  • Understand what investors are looking for when they make their decision
  • Build credibility with investors both before, during, and after the investment
  • Uncover the changes that COVID has made to the investment landscape and how you can capitalize
  • Real-world fundraising stories, including what investors are actually looking for when they make decisions
  • And much more!
Who should attend? 
The Raising Capital True Quality Summit Series is designed to help early-stage medical device, MedTech, and digital health company leaders learn best practices and expectations for raising their first rounds of funding. Discussions will dive into what investors are looking for when they make their decisions, the changes that COVID has made to the investment landscape, how to avoid pitfalls that many first-time founders make on their path to funding, and much more. The day-long, virtual event will feature sessions and panel discussions from investors, partners, strategics, and company leaders who have been through the process.
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