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Sidekick Health Leverages Greenlight Guru Clinical for Research into Digital Health Products

With several clinical studies planned, Sidekick Health needed a modern electronic data capture (EDC) solution to help determine the effectiveness of their digital health products.

The Challenge

Sidekick Health needed an EDC solution to support their evidence-driven approach to developing digital health products.

The Solution

Sidekick Health chose Greenlight Guru Clinical as their EDC solution.

The Results

The team at Sidekick has completed multiple successful studies using Greenlight Guru Clinical—with more planned. 

Sidekick Health

Founded: 2012

Company Size: 51-200

Headquarters: Iceland

Company Type: Digital Health App

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Sidekick Health was founded by two doctors who spent years treating patients with lifestyle-related, chronic diseases.

The team at Sidekick has built a multi-chronic digital care platform to help support people with multiple lifestyle-related diseases. Their goal is to make healthcare more impactful, accessible, and efficient by developing and delivering digital health products that empower patients and digitize healthcare.

The Challenge: Sidekick Health needed a modern, user-friendly EDC solution 

As part of their commitment to evidence-based digital health solutions, Sidekick Health performs clinical research that is published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at leading healthcare conferences.

For some smaller studies in the past, Sidekick had used Excel and a general-purpose survey tool. But as they began to plan for larger studies, they knew they needed a comprehensive electronic data capture (EDC) system for data collection and management.

The Solution: Greenlight Guru Clinical as the EDC system of choice

Sidekick Health chose Greenlight Guru Clinical as their EDC solution, and right from the start, they knew they’d made a good choice. 

“It was a really positive experience getting started with Greenlight Guru Clinical. The onboarding was very smooth and personal and the training sessions were effective.” said Heiða Bragadóttir, Clinical Trial Manager at Sidekick Health.

The onboarding wasn’t just a set of directions for using the software, either. The team at Sidekick was able to use what they were learning to put together a real study and get feedback on their progress.

“What I liked about the onboarding is that we were building our first study at the same time, so I could ask questions and use the training sessions to solve real-life problems.” said Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir, Clinical Trial Manager at Sidekick Health.

The Results: Less time spent building studies and incredible support

Having a comprehensive EDC solution at their fingertips helped the Sidekick Health team feel confident in their ability to carry out clinical studies and get the data they needed to determine the effectiveness of their digital health programs.

Sidekick Health uses Greenlight Guru Clinical’s eCRF and ePRO features, as well as its built-in eConsent for both feasibility studies and randomized controlled trials (RCTs). The ability to keep everything in one place is one of the team’s favorite things about Greenlight Guru Clinical.

Heida testimonial 1
Getting responses directly from patients about their experience with Sidekick Health’s digital health products is crucial to the team’s progress. So Greenlight Guru Clinical’s electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) was a standout tool for the team.

Kolbrun testimonial

Simplified study building

Another feature the Sidekick team loved was the ability to save and reuse forms—and even entire studies—in Greenlight Guru Clinical. Sidekick Health runs a relatively large number of studies for a company its size, and reusing forms is one of the ways the software helped them manage their studies and get them up and running faster.

“It really helps that we were able to copy and reuse forms when we’re setting up new studies. It saves a lot of time. We’ve built many of the studies ourselves, so the option of copying entire studies and forms saves us so much time,” said Sveinsdóttir.

Excellent customer service

Sidekick Health has had a positive experience with the Greenlight Guru Clinical product, but the biggest reason they would recommend Greenlight Guru isn’t the software. It’s the customer service.

Sveinsdóttir and Bragadóttir both felt that they received fast and personalized support from the team at Greenlight Guru.
Heida testimonial 2
And it wasn’t just answering questions—the Greenlight Guru team listened, too. “That was really positive for us: when you give feedback and you feel like something is being done with that feedback and changes are being made,” said Sveinsdóttir.

It all adds up to exciting study results

Using Greenlight Guru Clinical, Sidekick Health has conducted several clinical studies, including investigations into use cases for oncology and cardiology, and are currently recruiting for a study on coronary artery disease. 

In one recent study, the team wanted to test the feasibility of a digital health program for atopic dermatitis by observing program engagement, retention, and acceptability. The study showed high engagement and retention in a targeted digital health program, as well as high compliance with medication reminders, patient education, and ePROs—with a reduction in the number and severity of symptoms.  

“It was a big success for a small study,” said Sveinsdóttir. “We’re really happy with the results.”

What’s next for Sidekick Health?

As a company that prides itself on being heavily oriented toward research, Sidekick Health will continue to conduct clinical studies and investigate the impact of their new products. That research will ensure that Sidekick Health’s approaches to treating and supporting patients are always evidence-based and effective. 

That means many more studies, and a continued partnership with Greenlight Guru Clinical.

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