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How Medartis Found the Perfect Match for its Research Partners with Greenlight Guru Clinical

Medartis wanted to begin offering clinical research partners an electronic data capture (EDC) solution that would eliminate the use of spreadsheets—and turned to Greenlight Guru Clinical.

The Challenge

Medartis needed a compliant, user-friendly EDC solution they could offer to research partners.

The Solution

Medartis chose Greenlight Guru Clinical for its user-friendly interface and MedTech specificity.

The Results

With the help of Greenlight Guru Clinical, the Clinical Affairs team at Medartis was able to replace spreadsheets, speed up the study building process, and obtain higher quality data.

Medartis AG

Founded: 1997

Company Size: 800+

Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland

Device Classification: I, Ir, IIa, IIb

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Founded in 1997, Medartis  produces technologies and solutions for osteosynthesis in the fields of cranio-maxillofacial surgery, as well as upper and lower extremities. The team at Medartis is committed to improving the well-being of patients and providing medical specialists with the innovative, high-quality, and user-friendly solutions they need to improve surgical outcomes. 

Part of that work includes partnering with research organizations, with the goal of improving surgical outcomes through physician-led projects.

The Challenge: Getting partners on board with an EDC solution

The clinical research team at Medartis is primarily concerned with gathering post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) data. This data typically comes from a range of sources, such as prospective studies, retrospective studies, and registries.

The Medartis team partners with the research organizations carrying out the studies and supports them in their work. Often, smaller research organizations without the resources to purchase and customize complex pharma-specific EDC solutions will turn to spreadsheets to collect and manage their data.

However, as Martijn Dekkers, Clinical Research Manager at Medartis, pointed out, using Excel poses ethical, regulatory, and data management problems, and these centers need a better solution to carry out their studies.

As part of their ongoing support for their research partners, Dekkers and his team wanted an electronic data capture (EDC) system they could offer to their partners.

The Solution: Greenlight Guru Clinical as the EDC system of choice

Medartis needed an EDC solution that was compliant, user-friendly, and built specifically for medical device studies.

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Because of those differences, many pharma-specific EDC solutions are simply not viable options for the research partners undertaking medical device clinical studies. Smaller medical centers, outpatient facilities or the likes typically don’t have extensive IT departments or on-site specialists, and setting up studies with pharmaceutical EDC solutions can take months of painstaking work.

Dekkers and his team wanted to get the right solution for their research partners, so they waded through demonstrations of practically every EDC solution on the market. “We looked at essentially every commercial offering available,” he said.

In the end, however, they chose Greenlight Guru Clinical for its modern, user-friendly interface and built-in compliance.

The Results: Better partnerships, faster study setup, and high-quality data

One of the first things the team at Medartis noticed about Greenlight Guru Clinical was the onboarding process.

medartis testimonial 1Greenlight Guru Clinical’s user-friendly and modern software meant that it was quick and easy to set up studies for Medartis’ partners. And research partners that were on the fence about switching from Excel quickly became converts when they got a look at Greenlight Guru Clinical.

“It’s very easy to draft a study to demonstrate the benefits [of Greenlight Guru Clinical] to a potential partner.” - Martijn Dekkers, Clinical Research Manager, Medartis

And while clinical studies tend to run at their own pace, Medartis has used Greenlight Guru Clinical to speed up the process of setting up studies in the first place. By building a study database that research partners can use, they don’t have to start from scratch every time.

medartis testimonial 3What’s next for Medartis?

Medartis will continue their mission to provide surgeons with high-quality and user-friendly solutions to improve surgical outcomes for the patients, which includes the development of novel products and patient-matched devices.

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