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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Leverages Greenlight Guru Clinical for Intuitive eCRFs and Fast Study Setup

The research team at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust needed an EDC system to manage their clinical studies, so they turned to Greenlight Guru Clinical.

The Challenge

The research team at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital needed an electronic data capture (EDC) system to get their data off paper.

The Solution

The team chose Greenlight Guru Clinical for its ease of use and excellent customer support.

The Results

The team now has a comprehensive clinical data solution for collecting, monitoring, and managing data from all of the studies.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Part of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS)

Founded: 1993

Headquarters: London

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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the top ranked and top performing hospital trusts in the UK. The hospital trust employs more than 6,000 staff at two main hospital sites, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital, and across 12 community-based clinics within North West London.

In addition to treating over 300,000 patients each year, the Chelsea and Westminster hospital trust also delivers a wide portfolio of research studies covering the breadth of its clinical practice. These studies include commercial studies hosted at Chelsea and Westminster and trust-sponsored investigator initiated studies. 

This research is critical for ensuring that patient care is always based on high-quality clinical evidence, and that’s why the research team at Chelsea and Westminster turned to Greenlight Guru.

The Challenge: Paper eCRFs and the lack of an audit trail

Before choosing Greenlight Guru Clinical, the research team at Chelsea and Westminster was using paper case report forms (CRFs). But as many clinical teams know, paper comes with a number of intractable problems. 

One issue is the lack of an audit trail. When the research team at Westminster and Chelsea reviewed CRFs, they couldn’t tell who had been collecting the data. All they had to go on was an initial and a date on the form. On top of that, when clinical data is collected on paper, it then has to be manually transferred into a software system for any type of analysis. That process is slow and cumbersome and prone to human error. 

“To be honest, it was a nightmare working with the paper CRFs,” said Joshua Tate, Clinical Research Associate at Chelsea and Westminster.

The research team knew they needed an EDC system to help them collect, manage, and analyze the data from their studies, and they needed it fast.

The Solution: Greenlight Guru Clinical’s modern EDC system

The research team at Chelsea and Westminster looked at several EDC solutions, but they quickly decided to go with Greenlight Guru Clinical. Part of that decision came down to the EDC system’s intuitive design and ease of use.

However, the research team was also impressed with Greenlight Guru’s responsiveness during the buying process—which made them confident they could expect excellent customer support during onboarding and beyond.

chelsea testimonial 1The Results: Happy study sites and easy monitoring

The team at Chelsea and Westminster has used Greenlight Guru Clinical for several studies, and the feedback from both the internal team, site staff, and patients has been positive. 

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Simplified training with reusable studies

One of the team’s favorite features in Greenlight Guru Clinical is the ability to copy and reuse forms and studies. 

“One of the features we really like is that we can actually copy a study and use it purely for training,” said Piotrowski. “So it doesn’t have to be open to data collection, and it’s a safe way to conduct training.”

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An all-in-one solution

The research team at Chelsea and Westminster also appreciated the comprehensive nature of the Greenlight Guru Clinical software. The site staff no longer have to be trained on multiple platforms (randomization, eCRF, eConsent, etc.). Instead, they only need to use Greenlight Guru Clinical. 

“It’s great that you can do randomization within the system,” said Cheetham. “In the past we had to use a separate service for randomization, and it’s much easier for the site teams to do everything in the same system.”

Data monitoring made simple

Greenlight Guru Clinical’s intuitive user experience has also made it easier for the research team to manage and monitor the clinical data from their studies as it enters the system.

chelsea testimonial 4

What’s next for the team at Chelsea and Westminster?

The researchers at Chelsea and Westminster plan to continue using Greenlight Guru for upcoming and ongoing studies, including supporting investigator-initiated studies at the hospital trust.

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