Terms of Use - Greenlight Guru Clinical

Any users with a user account in Greenlight Guru Clinical must comply to the Terms of Use. Greenlight Guru Clinical is a product owned by Greenlight Guru hereinafter also referred to as “Company”, “we”, “our” or “us”.

USING Greenlight Guru Clinical 

User Account

Upon creating a user account in Greenlight Guru Clinical, we grant you a limited and non-exclusive right to use Greenlight Guru Clinical features and eventually selected add-ons. You should be aware that your usage of Greenlight Guru Clinical might also be governed by the Online Service Terms & Conditions (EU Version OR US Version), or a superseding written agreement.

Usage & Compliance

The rights of use solely grant you to use Greenlight Guru Clinical in relation to normal usage of the platform, i.e., when structuring and planning data-collection projects, as well as to collect, store, and export data on data-subjects. 

You can in no case grant access to Greenlight Guru Clinical or other Intellectual Property owned by us to any third parties that compete with us. Third parties that develop software platforms for collection of data in clinical studies or clinical investigations are considered competitors in this relation.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for using Greenlight Guru Clinical in compliance to any applicable law and regulations which may by applicable to you, us or the persons which information you choose to process on Greenlight Guru Clinical or our services.

You acknowledge that you will not attempt to bypass our security measures or in any other way attempt to misuse the Greenlight Guru Clinical product.

Technical requirements for using of Greenlight Guru Clinical. 

You are responsible for using the necessary browser software for presentation of Greenlight Guru Clinical. You recognize that the usage of the Greenlight Guru Clinical is dependent on the choice of browser software. You can obtain information of which browser software can be used to display in the Greenlight Guru Clinical Security & Service Statement on https://www.greenlight.guru/clinical-security-and-service-level-statement We are entitled, without notice, to change our software with the effect that you are required to obtain and install a new browser software as required. You are also responsible for connecting to Licensor’s servers and reestablishing and maintaining such a connection.

Privacy & Data Processing

Privacy Policy

Any creation of a user account and interaction with us (e.g. with the Greenlight Guru Clinical product and with Greenlight Guru employees) is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Data Processing

You can see how we process your data, and the data you collect, in the Online Data Processing Terms. 

Law and venue

Your usage of Greenlight Guru Clinical is covered by Danish Law and any disputes regardless of form is to be resolved by City Court of Aalborg, Denmark, in accordance with applicable Danish civil procedure.

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