Understanding the ROI of an eQMS

July 11, 2023


In this episode with Fran Cruz, Chief Customer Officer at Greenlight Guru, we explore the investment of a purpose-built electronic Quality Management System (eQMS).

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Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • 3rd- party study by Hobson & CO that reveals significant reductions in setup time, full-time employee requirements, time spent on development and documentation, training time, and audit preparation time.
  • The recent ROI Calculator developed by Greenlight Guru to help customers customize the study's findings to their specific inputs and demonstrate the value of the software for their business.
  • The current economic climate, with budget cuts and limited investments, and the importance of efficiency and cost savings provided by a quality management system.
  • Prioritizing success metrics, measuring outcomes, and holding ourselves accountable lead to better decision-making and improved effectiveness in the long run.
  • Success criteria for customers implementing a quality management system include time to implement (time to value) and achieving specific outcomes.
  • How Greenlight Guru aims to balance efficient setup and time to value for customers, focusing on milestones like entering documents and processing changes.
  • The way different customer profiles require different approaches, such as providing guidance and templates for early-stage companies or assisting with migration for existing quality systems.
  • The different functions Greenlight Guru offers, such as services like Guru Assist and GG Academy to support customers in their implementation and learning process.


Memorable quotes from Wade Schroeder:



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