MedTech Funding and Preparing for Due Diligence

August 31, 2023


Join guest Devon Campbell as we discuss MedTech funding in this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast. He unveils startup red flags, from data integrity to product maturity. His message? Know your weaknesses, fill the gaps.

Considering cold-calling other Founders? It works. Understand your their investment landscape first. Recognize that VCs and Angels have different risk profiles. Devon says know your funding options and their strings. It’s about terms and expectations, not just money.

Think a sleek exterior hides internal flaws? Devon focuses on product readiness and QMS. Be manufacturing-ready and optimize. No shortcuts in MedTech.

In a red-tape world, paperwork matters. It's about confidence, not bureaucracy. Devon shifts focus to quality systems as confidence builders. His point? "Unquestionable, indelible data—that’s what I can trust." Get organized, and confidence becomes your MedTech currency.

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Listen now:

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Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Knowing your weaknesses. It's important to recognize your gaps and seek the right help.
  • Maintain data integrity. Full disclosure of data builds trust - no sugar-coating..
  • Evaluating product maturity - good looks aren't enough; be manufacturing-ready.
  • The importance of a strong Quality Management Systems (QMS). Document, document, document. No excuses.
  • Risk Management isn’t a checkbox: it's an ongoing pledge to safety.


Memorable quote:

"Unquestionable, indelible data—that's what I can trust. That's confidence." - Devon Campbell

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