Mastering the Pitch: MedTech Innovations from Concept to Market

February 20, 2024


In this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, host Etienne Nichols dives into the art of pitching to medical device investors with Blythe Karow, COO at Neurogeneces.

Blythe shares her wealth of experience, from her early days as a marketer to leading significant product launches and achieving FDA breakthrough designations. The conversation revolves around crafting compelling pitches, understanding investor expectations, and navigating the challenges of presenting complex medical technologies to diverse audiences.

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Latest MedTech trends:

  1. The convergence of digital health and traditional medical devices.
  2. The rising importance of FDA breakthrough designations for startups.
  3. The shift towards patient-centered design in medical devices.

Practical tips for listeners:

  1. Understand your audience before crafting your pitch.
  2. Practice your pitch extensively to refine your message and delivery.
  3. Build a cohesive team presentation to demonstrate unity and competence.

Key timestamps:

  • [00:00:45] - Introduction to Blythe Karow and her background in MedTech.
  • [00:03:22] - Insights into the dynamics of pitching to investors and adapting to different audiences.
  • [00:10:15] - Discussion on the evolution of Blythe's pitching strategies over her career.
  • [00:15:30] - Blythe's experience with gender dynamics in pitching and advice for female entrepreneurs.
  • [00:20:45] - The importance of team presentation and handling expert critiques during pitches.
  • [00:25:30] - Blythe's memorable pitch experiences and the impact of audience engagement.
  • [00:30:00] - Tips for early-stage startups and resources for pitch preparation.
  • [00:35:25] - Closing thoughts and where to connect with Blythe Karow.


Memorable quotes:

  • "You want to start with a problem, you want that problem to be in the voice of who would pay for it." - Blythe Karow
  • "It's like dating, and you're going to find people you click with and people you don't click with." - Blythe Karow on finding the right investors.
  • "Anyone can pitch. You just have to practice." - Blythe Karow


Love this episode? Leave a review on iTunes! Have suggestions or topics you’d like to hear about? Email us at


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